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October 04, 2006

Beans Lots Of Beans Lots Of Beans Etc

Seriously, what’s with the blue beans everywhere? Either we’ve got some alien with a stomach upset going round crapping small metallic blue poops, or (and let’s face it, this is more likely) we’re being advertised at. Tis the season after all. Those enigmatic posters with just a web address on them. Mysterious logos and curious stunts. And how many people will investigate?

I guess there’s a logic to doing it at university. It’s full of people who are inherently curious and are probably more likely to check on weirdness than the average, distracted, normal person with a job and everything. How efective is it though, I wonder?

I don’t usually investigate these things, mostly because I have tendency to be fairly immune to advertising (in the sense that I often have no idea what an advert I actually like is trying to sell me) so perhaps I am missing out. Maybe if I follow those bastarding blue beans I wil be rewarded with a solid gold elephant or a helicopter. And all the hundreds of cynical students who don’t follow it will never have these things, making do with iPods and new shoes.

So lead on, blue beans! Take me to your leader! Unless you really are alien poo in which case, I’ve changed my mind…


Apparently not the source of blue coffee… but who the hell would spend ages painting beans blue? Get a real job!

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