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November 01, 2006

Great Annual Traditions

Follow-up to A Nation Rejoices As Quiet Falls from Hollyzone

I swear, there’s a clear psychological need in humanity to have some sort of fabulous annual tradition in November, yet the sheer nondescriptness of the month (it’s not that exciting really, is it?) means that cultures and countries have to stretch themselves to find traditions to have in this month. Religion is, in this case, not the great saver, but the rather large mocker as Islam (Eid), Judaism (Yom Kippur), Hinduism (Diwali) and Paganism (Halloween) all happened this year in October.

So the desperate scramble includes saying yey to eating strange poultry to stay alive (hi there Thanksgiving), remembering crap terrorists and Catholic persecution (hello Bonfire Night) and the dead (All Souls Day) which is at least a vaguely decent excuse.

In exasperation I have come up with a new tradition – the losing of my voice. Yes, a year after I first lost it, it has now partially deserted me and will probably be gone by tomorrow. And I have a seminar… shame.

So enjoy the silence and be careful kids, don’t try and replicate my lack of voice by swallowing lit fireworks. They are worse than vindaloo.

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