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September 01, 2004

Things That Go Ping In The Night

Warning: This entry makes the writer appear to be either paranoid or cowardly. If you don't want to shatter the illusion that she's some kind of super brave, mega-hero then look away now

New house.

New house in Leamington which I will live in for the rest of this year. It's exciting in a way because it's actually grown up responsibilty, not Westwood with its long corridors and catered catering.

So yesterday I moved in for the first time and I had been looking forward to sharing my space with two of my housemates (the other three are due soon) Els and Boz. Except neither of them was there. Els was on some crazy adventure in Norfolk (is it just me or is there something a tiny bit wrong with that sentence?) and Boz was round someone else's house doing an essay on her internet access computer. The fact that those two had been in our house for a month and not got internet for us is beside the point.

But I was alone and in new surroundings, which lead to the question of the week How many things go ping in the course of a night?

Now I'm not normally paranoid, but bloody hell the number of sounds that my house makes… well it's probably no more than any other house but I'm not used to it yet so when the pipes went nuueeuuurghh as upstairs had a shower, or as the light in the kitchen went puh-dum puh-dum bloop periodically, I was starting to get a bit, y'know, weirded out.


It was the ping that did it. There's something about that sound which freaks me out for than any other. It's irrational. It's one of the few sounds a creeping murderer-burglar-rapist would be hard pushed to actually create unless he was some sort of pixie murderer-burglar-rapist. But it sure as hell was enough for me. Not even the really rather loud thunk crumple thud sound generated by my guitar amplifier falling over was as scary as ping.

Boz is home tonight as are many other people for a party which will no doubt not go well with my 6.30am getting up time (damn you well paid employment). But even so I don't care, all the drunken singing, arguing and falling over in the world will be easier to sleep with than…


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