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February 01, 2005

Precariously Balanced Pile Of Stuff

This entry is in honour of my beloved. Truly, nothing has been so loyal to me as this presence, whom I have felt at all stages of my life, an ever constant, whilst my past abandoned my when I came to university this wonder of the world came with me, shaking off the fame and comfort of home to embark on a new adventure fraught with revelations and challenges. Never to desert me. Never to judge me. Never to fight me. This entry is about and dedicated to the Precariously Balanced Pile Of Stuff.

I can always be sure of the PBPoS. I know it is going to be there in some form or another. That's the beauty of it, it is not constrained by a set make up (as I am with my over exerted heart, cold raddled lungs and pristine liver) nor does it discriminate against new additions. It's very precariousness allows it so much room to include items of all shapes, sizes and consistency.

It acts as marker of my presence. When I go to visit my parents one forms within a bout 10 minutes of my arrival, christened by me throwing my house keys on the table and going off in search of more items to pile. Sometimes it is cultured and learned. Other times it is clothing based. It is never food based unless the food is packaged. I am untidy but not messy.

So today I can see it to my right. It currently stands over a foot (30cm) tall and is a work of genius. It has two spires, meaning there is double to capacity for precarious toppling. But it will not fall. It can't, it is too much a part of me and I don't feel like falling over. So here's to the brave components which have scarificed their individuality:

  • My scanner/printer, now useless as a scanner as I can't open it up due to the stuff on top of it.
    Spire One
  • Three books- 'The Rights Of Man' Thomas Paine, 'A Wollstonecraft Anthology' edited by Janet Todd and 'British Radicalism and the French Revolution' by H.T. Dickinson. All these books should be read for Thursday's seminar. But they won't be because they are now part of the PBPoS.
  • 2 x CDs by Rufus Wainwright. Cheers Sam.
  • A postcard from Tunisia.
  • My last payslip from the Post Office
  • 4 x Manic Street Preachers badges.
  • My multi-tool.
    Spire Two
  • My mouse.
  • My graphics tablet and pen.
  • A box of Maltesers, unopened.
  • 12 x CDs- Hope of the States 'The Lost Riots'; Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Fever To Tell'; The White Stripes 'Elephjant'; The Walkmen 'Bows and Arrows'; Super Furry Animals 'Songbook'; Snow Patrol 'When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up (yes the second SP album that no one else owns even though they are now superstars… I liked them first godammit); Seafood 'When Do We Start Fighting'; Muse 'Origin Of Symmetry'; British Sea Power 'The Decline of…'; Franz Ferdinand 'Franz Ferdinand'; Doves 'Lost Souls'; The Dears 'No Cities Left'.
  • My phone.

Truly it is a wonder to behold.

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