October 02, 2004

My First Week at Warwick

My first week – how I survived Mum

Holly Campbell

“I hope you guys don’t steal my knife and come and kill me in the night!”
Oh my God, please don’t leave me Mum and Dad.
Orange curtains, red bare floor, a glistening goodbye and a hello boys!

Welcome Sophie thank God she’s normal, she’s blonde and bright, bubbly and blue,
Numbers 27 and 28 – we’re in for a good time what ever we do!
A hurried tea in kitchen 3 and off outside in shirts of T!

There’s me and Soph, and Tony too, Matt and Olly, Fioonnnnn and Super Vix, Chris and Sexy Sah – did you know she’s one of six, serious no s

Bottle bogey green (that’s me), black and horrid rustic red; a rainbow in piazza.
Purples with the boys from 2, they’re from overseas Mum and so good looking, I want to marry Neel and Nick and sexy Greg. Jonny, well, he’s already been in my bed!!!!

Pints of purple and purple poo, help me Mum I don’t know what to do. Hugs from Soph and a goodnight kiss and then into bed – where am I?
Morning Soph, Oh what to do? Let’s say hello to the girls from 2;
There’s sexy Vix and gorgeous Jodi, already got the boys in tricks!!!

A banana bonanza (and a Top Banana) for lunch and tea, baked beans on toast, where did she hide those eggs!! Meeting faces, going places, up before 9 for a lecture at 9 (don’t worry Mum, I made it just in time) and “be quiet you two at the back!”

Hockey try outs, hockey tricks, Frankie’s hat trick, great girl what a stick! 2nd Team short list (hooray, I’m in but is there anyone to ring?), hockey socials and circle time. 3rd year dates and dance floor mates.

Chocolate cake with my new best mates, straight and curly hair to-do, the tramp from 4, knock, knock “who’s that at the door?” A poster sale and a potted plant too, oh is that the time – help me Mum what shall I have for tea!!!

It’s nails, cabbage and lost pots and pans oh here’s sexy Greg from number 2!
Hey Greg this is Matt “he’s not from Wales”, well actually “I live in Cardiff!!!!!!!!” (Maybe next time I’ll think before I speak, sorry you guys in Kitchen 2).
Doctors for me at 5 and antibiotics for a culture alive. Dinner at 8, sorry Vince I forgot your date!

How I did it I do it I do not know (I probably never will). But I’ve done it Mum and Dad (boy they’re proud) I’ve survived my fresher’s week at Warwick.

Week 1 has gone by in such a flash but oh my God how will I survive week 2?
Ring Ring, O Mum, Mum what will I do?

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