March 13, 2015

RDM – Terrible Judgment

Hello Friends,

It is very interesting to talk about what I have learnt from what I experienced during 3 days intensive teaching days, but, it is a responsibility over my shoulders, frankly.

There are steps in making any decision, some are straight forward and some are complicated. Those easier ones are obvious issues normally happening in everyday life and we have belief on our choices and thus we make very quick decisions, mostly right, and some by luck goes wrong and we are unlucky that day.

The more complicated ones are those require thinking and takes longer, this is where the choices available become critical and might have different outcome. But, the outcomes are irrelevant to the decision we make. so which one is right?

In fact, we can make a very good decision but get a very bad result or vic verse.

So, it is important to make a good decision and in there, it is required to always consider appropriate tools and techs like SMART, AHP and others, like Decision Tree and value Tree to make a very robust decision.

To be continued...



February 28, 2015

Belbin Team Role

Hello friends,

As a part of these module, it would have been great if you were using Belbin system, in helping everyone to better understand and realising their potentials when helping their teams.

It's interesting to go online to their website at and reading around the page. This could to greater extend expand your capabilities when thinking and writing on your Blog, Reflection or maybe PMA.

Hope that is someting, maybe some useful stauff.



February 16, 2015

How corporate goals are set and culture is developed to enable the strategy in an excellent way?

Hi friends,

It's been on of the most amazing days ever, since for the first time I learnt how the corporate goals are created using BSC, that would best utilises all the resources to deploy the chosen strategy. It is important to be 100% clear about the strategic objectives (our chosen strategy) when it comes to using the BSC to identify the key indicators at the corporate level, which (key indicators) would then need to be considered when we tyring to successfully deploy our strategy.

Having excellent knowledge and understanding about your resources, their capabilities and degree of influence in helping the organisation to successfully deploy its strategy (long-term), requires a careful consideration of the performance measures that indicates the level of each part's (down to individual level) contribution to overall strategic objectives (strategy) of organisation.

It was also interesting to see that by identifying the performance level of each part using the BSC, in working towards the corporate (shared) goals, the life becomes much easier :) since, it helps to best communicating the vision to everyone across the organisation (it becomes a shared vision when we considering how best individuals and every parts of the system could work best in helping to implement the strategy successfully (efficiently and effectively).

There is a danger of sub-optimisation in process... (to be continued).

February 10, 2015

Leadership and Excellence (LE) – leadership is defined as…

Does the following give a good definition to what leadership is all about?

"The best (most effecient and effective) way of Time management"

:) thank you.

October 29, 2014

Question 3 – HELP

Hiii genius PPl,

If you chose to do question 3 - please take some-times to look at the following articles.

The point before you start is to create a map for your better undrestanding.


To transform into LO:

We need strategic plannig in place (don't know why?? look out for more info - but for now in enough to knwo)

Startegic planing that is manily concered with translating strategic management goals into everyday tasks

to do so... we need the high and good level of the ppl's invovement

then.. the question of how activitly invloving ppl is answerd by looking into Hoshin Kanri principles.

But.. before that remmber.. the question is about OL - right?

So... we say and explain this by example like the following from Rover group (automaker)

Start by...

saying ...

The japanese were successful because they planned to improve the capabilities to meet meet their ambitious goals


Americans tend to matching their goals with what they had in hands,

So... japanese started to transform into LO inroder to imporve their resources (people) and they did this by considering Hoshin Kanri principles.

BUT, remember that, this is only one area for your disscussion to show how companies should transform.

Good luck friends.,

I'll keep you updated BUT from this point ..... Id like some comment too. plz, lets do what WMG wants from us, "share"




Finding information for Post Module Assignments

Hi Friends,

Have you come a cross with this page --


Go through each of the sub-headings on the above web-page and read as you need!!

Good luck genius ppl.



Question 1 – HELP

Hiii Genius ppl,

If you chose to do question 1, and looking for some examples, perhaps case studies, please click on the link provided here for your more attention.

Hope you will find it useful BUT– please don’t try to read the whole thing – Page 15 onward, and be patient to find the clues – assuming that you already have some thought so it will eventually come up and you will see it.

Good luck my friends,



October 26, 2014

PMA – creating business excellence (CBE)

Follow-up to CBE – individual reflection from Hossein's blog


Friends plz be aware that PMA questions are desinged to assess your critical thinking before seeking to measure your undrestading on any of those topics.

The first three questions (1 - 2 - 3) are higly interlinked.

For example if you choose 1 you have to talk about LO and your relationship with supplier too. be careful. hey ;)

Simply , Apart from Q4- if you are choosing any of the other three questions (1 -2 or 3) you need to answer them all. one way or another. so, be careful on your choice of question.

If you can not find the dots (connnection) between question 1-2 and 3 (no mather which one you choose for you topic), it is wise to go for Q4 and trying to do what we did for group presenation of comaprision of excellence models. It sounds easier.

Again, if you are choosing any of ther first three question (1 - 2 or qeustion 3 ) -- no doubt that you have to answer all of them to get a satisfactory mark.

Good luck genius ppl.

All the best.


October 07, 2014

CBE – individual reflection

Writing about web page

Monday 6th October - 2014 Creating Business Excellence (CBE) Introduction to the module started at 9 am with Paul explaining the module content in details.

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