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January 24, 2005

The Aviator

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Not flawless, and arguably not that deep, but this is an entertaining film that's three things in one: a portrait of a fascinating man, a trip to golden age Hollywood and a compelling political drama.

Leonardo DiCaprio joins a host of other stars in this substantial re-creation of the life of Howard Hughes the quirky inventor/film director. The life of the dedicated obsessive-compulsive is superbly crafter by director Martin Scorsese. I am not a particular fan of Di Caprio but his character acting is superb, drawing the viewer is into the complex personal life of a genius who constanstly teeters on the edge of reality yet never ceases to surprise.

November 15, 2004

Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason

Four years on, I did wonder how this film would follow on from the success of its predecessor. In the 'Edge of Reason' Zellweger is more neurotic, more embarrassing and definetly bigger than she was at the end of the last film! Her relationship with Colin Firth takes a nose-dive, and her life unravels through a series of hilarious events before it lands the right side up.

As a follow-up it is open to criticism for being simply a watered down version of the first film. At times bitter-sweet, the film does draws on the same themes, humour and neuroses as before but I found it just as funny, and Zellweger on top form.

October 18, 2004

Bride and Prejudice

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Jane Austen's tale of love overcoming all meets Bollywood. Set in India, jumping between London, California and the three respective cultures, this film is a fantastic. Its funny, vibrant and colourful, beautifully choreographed, saturated with music and dance, a feast for the senses. I can see them turning this into a West End show before too long.

September 06, 2004

Film review:The terminal

Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) arrives at JFK en route to New York from a fictional East European state, and becomes stranded at the airport when his country vanishes in a coup and he is stripped of any citizenship or rights. He has no passport or legal status so is forced to stay at the terminal, where he becomes quite at home. He builds friendships with a wide range of people at the airport including Catherine Zeta-Jones (Amelia).

Based loosely on a true story of an Iranian refugee stranded at a Paris airport, the film is both funny and poignant. I am a real fan of Tom Hanks, and in this he plays a multi-faceted character that initially arouses sympathy, which then develops into profound respect. Continually rejected in his application to leave the airport he makes the most of a bad situation in the most imaginative ways. Its a feel-good Spielberg film which satisfactorily abstains from a cheesy ending.

Worth a trip to the cinema!

June 14, 2004

Review: Treasure Island, Playbox Theatre

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I went to see my goddaughter in a production of Treasure Island at the Playbox Theatre, Dream Factory, Warwick, yesterday. At eight years old she had a non-speaking role as one of the urchins, and did well to be selected from over 200 children who applied for her part.

There were lots of explosions and high drama as the voyage on the Hispaniola began. It was excellently executed, from the costumes and script, through to the direction and lighting. There were unique character performances in a small but amply sized theatre in a great purpose built facilility. All the actors were under 25 and some roles played with a proffessionalism and creativity that was suprising.

Well worth a visit, and if anyone has children who are dramatically inclined, weekly satellite workshops in Kenilworth and Warwick train children in speech, drama and a wide range of related skills. It has really helped my god-daughter develop not only in her skills but also in her confidence, and she is in an environment where her potential can be realised as she grows up.

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