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May 28, 2004

Poppy power

Follow-up to Sunday poppy from Hannah's handbag

Its amazing how similar this poppy image is to the one I took the other day. I suppose its not really that surprising though – it is poppy season!

Heading for the hills

I am loooking forward to a break next week – exploring, swimming, walking, reading and hopefully experimenting with a bit of photography.The view should be something like this…..

Picture courtesy of Chris Coe.

Adobe Live Conference

I spent yesterday at the Adobe Live Conference at Olympia. It was a really worthwhile day showcasing the (newish) Abobe CS suite. I attended seminars on digital video, print and web publishing and proffessional digital photography. The integratation between applications (which were once designed and used in isolation) is really developing in leaps and bounds, and Photoshop just gets better all the time.

Demonstrations showed how Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore DVD and Abobe Audition (sound editing) create a seamless and intuitve work flow, with tonnes of pre-set features for editing.

Its always good to pick up tips on current software and to see the new upgrades showcased by the leading lights of the design and animation industry. I was able to learn more about the RAW file formats for digital SLR photography, and amazed to learn just how much control Photoshop CS offers to the RAW digital format.

There was even time for a spot of shopping in Oxford St at the end of the day!

May 25, 2004

The dentist

I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in a while. Fortunately I don't have to go that often and all I had to have was a polish and have my teeth counted. Why do they do that numbering thing? Its as though they are making sure you haven't grown any new ones or sold any on the black market. Its a bit weird really.

I don't know what it is about dentists that strikes fear into even the calmest heart. Maybe its the memory of all the extractions I had as a child, and that once in that seat I am powerless, come what may!

Sunday poppy

I spied this poppy my kitchen window on Sunday morning as the early sun caught it. I now have a mass of them lolloping about. Its amazing how they fold up at night and unfold in the morning sun.

May 21, 2004

Gates backs blogs for businesses

Writing about web page

Blogs are good for business, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said.

In a speech to an audience of chief executives, Mr Gates said the regularly updated journals, or blogs, could be a good way for firms to tell customers, staff and partners what they are doing.

He said blogs had advantages over other, older ways of communicating such as e-mail and websites.

More than 700 Microsoft employees are already using blogs to keep people up to date with their projects.


The campus presents a diverse array of sights and sounds in late spring, especially when bathed in warm sunshine (unlike today!).

Some things require a close up inspection to be fully appreciated.

Things that bug…

Writing about Things that annoy me… from [Ux]

Inspired by Steve C, here are my top bugs for the week:

1. Traffic lights (Coventry City Council are going crazy and putting them everywhere!)
2. Annoying phone tones.
3. Milk cartons that spill regardless of how you open them

May 20, 2004


Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Perhaps the powder thrown at Tony Blair was crushed from this very purple patch !

May 14, 2004

Gender and blogging

Are there emerging differences in how men and women blog? I think its an interesting question. It seems to me that perhaps men say things on a blog that they wouldn't usually say to each other. Recent discussions with others from the fairer sex (!) have led me to wonder whether women find it less natural to put their thoughts up for the whole world to see, but would rather chat to each other instead. (oh the agony and angst as I write this post !!!)

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