June 17, 2004

The cat's tail

I trod on the cat's tail this morning. My full weight! She will carelessly leave her tail just hanging around on the floor for me to tread on. I suppose its a hazard of having a tail. Boy did she squeal like I've never heard before. The cat equivalent of cursing probably. I did apologise, but she'll probably still get me back later with her claws.

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  1. Chris Coe

    This is cat abuse! You are being tail-ist.

    17 Jun 2004, 12:07

  2. Steven Carpenter

    Yep, there's no screech quite like it. My cat always used to turn straight back round and rip my trousers. Unless I was wearing jeans, in which case he would hang on tight and do that 'death shuffle' with his back legs.

    17 Jun 2004, 12:12

  3. Wow your cat sounds vicious! I guess if I did it regularly she might develop such a technique!

    17 Jun 2004, 12:29

  4. Steven Carpenter

    Indeed – but he was a stray that we took in and we just lived with it. He just had a habit of getting in the way.

    17 Jun 2004, 12:37

  5. Helen

    I stood on my cats tail this morning and immediately felt awful, but he didn't even blink. I accidentally sat on my other one the other day and he didn't squeal either. Maybe they're numb

    25 Feb 2005, 11:17

  6. chloe

    What are cats tails made of? Bones? Cartilage? I need a definate answer for a trivia question if anyone knows the answer for sure please

    21 Jan 2007, 05:34

  7. Alice Lovett

    A tail is made up of 24 vertebrae

    14 Sep 2007, 02:36

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