August 04, 2004

Seagull attack

The recent comments on seagulls (see coments that developed from my last entry) reminded me that although I have just created a wallpaper with seagulls gracefully soaring in the air, they can be very mean. Very.

Last year whilst sitting on the sea wall at St Ives munching a piece of pizza, I was ruthlessly attacked by one as it attempted to snatch my lunch from my hand. They were divebombing all and sundry and the only way we could eat lunch in piece was for one of us to keep guard while the other ate. It was pretty big and heavy and almost knocked me over. Big, and very greedy.

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  1. Sara Lever

    Birds are evil (I have a bird phobia). We went to Polperro a couple of years back and my friends and husband laughed at me. This was because I didnt want to eat my fish 'n' chips looking out to sea on the sea wall as they were going to do. I decided to sit in a cave entrance, with my back to the wall scanning the sky for evil seagulls and feeling quite nervous, all on my own. Well it didnt take more than 10 minutes before my friends joined me. The seagulls at Polperro are very partial to chips and they dont mind eating yours!

    There are also these Arctic Terns in Northumbria if you go to the Puffin Islands, they make there nests on the ground and get very upset when people go by. Which is a great pity as the only route to the Puffins is via a narrow path through the Arctic Terns nests. They poo on you, dive bomb you and do draw blood (mine). Not intending to revisit.

    05 Aug 2004, 10:19

  2. Nice photo :-)

    Your attempts to eat your lunch in peace sound a lot like my lunch break every time I attempt to eat my sandwiches on the piazza. No seagulls there, but plenty of very determined wasps…

    05 Aug 2004, 10:22

  3. Steven Carpenter

    My first thought when looking at that pic was 'Aaargh! Hide the ice-cream!'. Katy was attacked at St. Ives by a seagull – it viciously grabbed her ice-cream right out of her hand and flew off – she was quite shaken up. You can get your own back with this neat game though!

    09 Aug 2004, 09:43

  4. Danny Mc

    I got attacked by a huge seagull in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago. It was totally premeditated too, as it swooped perfectly to steal my HUGE sandwich that just cost me £4.80. Everyone laughed at me too, probably a few seagulls I bet. Don't think I'll ever get over it. It was a chicken sandwich too, bloody cannibles!
    By the way, beautiful picture, just telling you that I'm going to borrow it but I'll put two links back to you and of course I'll remove it if you wish, no problem.

    11 Apr 2005, 23:58

  5. Lizzie G

    ive just come back from St Ives and whilst there i bought a chicken baguette. i sat down to eat it and whilst watching to guys trying to sink their dingy with some very dodgy sailing i was hit by a seagull landing on my shoulder, it stole all of the chicken out of my baggie and attracted about four more of the flying menaces which mobbed me! about half an hour later my bf was attacked for his ice cream by one dropping on him like a stone! im now not very keen on st ives methinks! :)

    08 Jul 2006, 18:18

  6. lucy

    they are more dangerous than bin laden.

    14 Aug 2006, 11:57

  7. x


    18 Nov 2007, 14:41

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