August 23, 2004

I love Photoshop!

I use Adobe Photoshop every day for designing and manipulating images but not often straight portrait photographs. Its always tricky to catch children just at the right moment wihout it looking too staged. When I caught this lovely shot of my gorgeous nephew Aaron I decided it was too lovely not to edit the distracting background. Use of the clone tool at high magnification with a fair bit of fiddling around (technical term I know!) resulted in an edit I was happy with. I was interested in how it would print out on film print paper, and was pleased to see that there were no obvious signs of tinkering. Removing the speaker to his left was a bit tricky, especially the border (which if you look closely you can see isn't quite right). The shadow is probably not completely accurate but all in all though I was satisfied with the result.

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  1. Chris Coe

    Great stuff – I'll bring the photo album in tomorrow!

    23 Aug 2004, 16:47

  2. You can't afford me!!

    23 Aug 2004, 16:49

  3. Steve Rumsby

    I hate photoshop! Actually, I just need to takle the time to figure out how to use it properly. I can usually get reasonable results when cloning out unwanted parts of an image, but my current project is just too frustrating. I'm trying to get rid of the heavy overhead cables in this image, but I just can't do it without leaving blindly obvious artefacts. My first guess (after me being completely useless at it, which goes without saying) is that there just isn't enough detail to do it properly, because the image is very low resolution. If somebody more skilled than I fancies a go, please feel free:-)

    24 Aug 2004, 17:32

  4. Steve Rumsby

    I was right. I didn't know how to use it properly! After a night's experimentation, my sunset has ended up looking like this, which is much better.

    25 Aug 2004, 09:15

  5. That looks good. It is easier the higher the resolution of the image because there is so much more information stuffed into each inch of screen! Its also easier on textured areas – fortunately for me the wallpaper was textured and very easy to clone. For me the real test I feel is how it prints on film paper.

    25 Aug 2004, 09:51

  6. James Taylor

    I'm a reasonably dab hand with Photoshop as well, and I have to say its one of the greatest programs.. I keep meaning to work over a tattered old picture of my parents at some point just to see if I can put to use all the 'skills' I have developed over time digitally modifying cars for friends, etc :)

    25 Aug 2004, 16:18

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