April 07, 2006

Boot Camp Turns Your Mac Into a Reliable Windows PC

Writing about web page http://ptech.wsj.com/ptech.html

I wonder if now is the time to revive my relationship with the Mac. After years of working exclusively on a Mac working in a design studio and as a freelancer I moved to the PC when I came to the University in 1999. All the software I acquired was for the PC and even though the opportunity presented itself to have a Mac it seemed pointless given that all the software was PC-based. It was also somewhat of a relief to lose the problems associated with the earlier Mac OS's such as corrupted files, regular system seizures and PS printing problems.

I have found few drawbacks with using a PC exclusively, with the exception of occasional problems sending artwork for commercial printing and working with files created on a Mac. For all of these there are easy work-arounds. Adobe and Macromedia software is almost identical on both systems, only keyboard shortcuts differ. Open Type fonts are cross-platform. However, I am aware that there now exists is a world of Mac that I am now largely ignorant of. As a designer it makes sense to have cross-platform capablities and to be competent with both systems, although given the option the dilemma may well be selecting the platform for the task. I just wonder whether I have now been working so long now on a PC that having a Mac would provide any extra benefits, apart from the use of some extra Apple applications, potentially faster graphics processing, opportunity for a colour-calibrated monitor, and, of course, the added feel-good factor.

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  1. For me, working on a great looking computer is very important for creativity and it just makes me less fed up when I work on a Mac for 8 hours than when I work on a PC for 8 hours. Things are just…easier and OS X looks fantastic (and never crashes).

    07 Apr 2006, 14:21

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