October 12, 2004

You'll be under my wheels: BMW Series 1

Writing about web page http://www.theonly1.co.uk

I am really struck by the originality and creativity of the new BMW Series 1 screen advert, which stand out from current automotive advertising. Its probably one of those ads that evokes a strong reaction in one of two directions. The strong visuals revolving around a kaleidoscope depicting a turtle, a girl on a tricycle or a donkey are really memorable, working in almost perfect synchronization with the music. Its is especially powerful on a huge cinema screen. The sound track is Prodigy: You'll be under my wheels.

I can't find a copy of it anywhere on-line but apparently the ad was put together in-house and not by an advertising agency – I like that. Great design isn't only in the hands of designers sitting in converted warehouses. If anyone has a promotional cd or knows where I can find it on-line, please let me know!

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  1. Steven Carpenter

    Yes, the advert is terrific. Unlike the styling of the 1, which looks like it's been stamped on and bent. I'm still trying to work out if Bangle is indeed a genius and will be lauded him in years to come or his work is (as I suspect) the work of a madman who values impact over proportion.

    12 Oct 2004, 15:16

  2. John Dale

    Oops, that is, here – can you delete my previous comment, please, Hannah?

    12 Oct 2004, 15:17

  3. I remember seeing that on an TV a little while back.
    The visuals for it are quite good, although I'm not much of a Progidy fan to be perfectly honest.
    The advert is still good though, but I prefer Alice Cooper's "Under My Wheels" to the Progidy's song. :P

    12 Oct 2004, 18:03

  4. [link]http://www.idigitalsales.co.uk/content/mpegs/bmwseries1.mpg[/link]

    15 Oct 2004, 20:51

  5. Angus


    You have to register with them…looks kinda legit on the registration page but fear not theres no need to pay…simply return to the website : mp3 Once you register you can then search for, add to your basket and download the BMW 1 track your after – Prodigy's You'll be under my wheels



    21 Oct 2004, 00:26

  6. Zanib LATIF

    I'm a final year multimedia student at Brunel University. My final year piece is going to be a montage of kaleidascope effects and still images. I am looking at the bmw 1 series advert as a part of my project. Please let me know if you find any more details on the advert. thanks, zanib

    25 Oct 2004, 13:53

  7. Jonathan H


    go to this site for the full legnth version of the advert…(free)

    its amazing…


    31 Oct 2004, 14:53

  8. Jonathan H

    link from above !

    31 Oct 2004, 15:05

  9. Tom

    Love the advert… its just so cool… I'd buy one.. if I could drive!

    Good luck Zanib – I love doing multimedia (graphic design and 2d animation)

    08 Jan 2005, 17:50

  10. john

    what is the name of the song on the advert?

    15 Jan 2005, 18:38

  11. playboy

    i luv it

    17 Jan 2005, 13:28

  12. Sophia

    that has to be the best advert ever! thank you to whoever made this website i've been trying to find out what that song is for ages!

    23 Jan 2005, 21:35

  13. niy


    this is the web site..

    28 Jan 2005, 15:48

  14. niy


    this is the web site..

    28 Jan 2005, 15:48

  15. niy


    this is the web site..

    28 Jan 2005, 15:48

  16. niy


    this is the web site..

    28 Jan 2005, 15:48

  17. niy

    this is the web site..

    28 Jan 2005, 15:48

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