September 16, 2004

My style of learning

Follow-up to fist day at Warwick from Alison's blog

I got through my previous degree using the "superficial" approach to work as described in the lectures. I was able to cram in information before exams, skim read texts for the relevant information for essays and usually to leave things to the last minute, as I work better under a time pressure. This approach got me through my degree well, but I haven't retained the information. I recognise things and understand subjects that other people are talking about, but I usually haven't retained the information myself to be able to join in discussions.

I would therefore say that I learn by discussing and talking about subjects. I'm looking forward to the group sessions after the lectures, as it is only by repeating ideas myself that I begin to understand them and retain ideas better. I realise that I will not be able to get through medicine in the way that I have been able to in my last degrees. I'm looking forward to joining in the discussions and being able to use and retain the information that I have learnt previously.

September 13, 2004

fist day at Warwick

Hi everyone, I had a great first day. Got here early for registration, so had done everything I could by about 9:30pm. Still need to get some passport photos done though – even though I've sent 8 in. Union passport passport photo machine doesn't work, so don't know where I'll find another one???

Met some great people today, and I am feeling a lot more confident that I was yesterday!!

Think we're going to have a great year!!

I liked the presentations – though I think I was a sleep towards the end. It was a long time to sit on my backside.

I like the way that there is so much emphasis on team work and respect etc etc. I am looking forward to working in teams of health professionals. Oh, my time is up, alison x

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