February 02, 2006

ego boosts

Follow-up to 17th January from vidya's blog

Feb 2nd, 2006
Lessons learnt
need to be more disciplined and dedicated to getting this MD.
Whatever I focus on, grows.
I know I can do it.
Have learnt a lot from Jane's suicide – nobody really gives a damn. Life goes on.
Ego boosts in the last few days:
1) Parin liked his English literature essay
2) Jaydeep wants me around. we are going to make a cake together
3) bra measurements at the Corus hotel
4) getting the SpR
5) 38yrold chatted up by a 25hrold
6) new friendship with a great person
7) have done yoga every day since Sunday
8) phone call from 75@hotmail.com
1) Parin's maths
2) start introduction
3) salsa class
4) knitting for the enjoyment
5) ordering products, plus BP machine

January 17, 2006

17th January

This is amazing! I didn't think I could do it. Most of my colleagues(or should I say co-workers) think that a blog is, well let's just say, 'not trendy'. However, although they are generally good people, I don't agree with many of their opinions, and writing here is a pleasant distraction.
Has been a challenging day- have challenges with self-belief and being successful in my MD. To date, this is the most difficult thing I have done, from a pwychological point of view. I can do it, even without any help. Must keep telling myself that. I can do it. If I can determine how ill somebody is, then surely I can do this research!

Where there is a will (which there is most of the time) there is a way.
I am powerful and I am loved, I am powerful and I am loving, I am powerful and I love it.

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