March 19, 2005

Sunshine! and Baby B

Yesterday, luckily was NOT a bacon day (tho btw, as predicted, bacon day did NOT include the purchase of any bacon, of course…). Yesterdy was brilliant, cos it was sunny and i actually took my coat off outside for the first time this year without the aid of a beer jacket! I sat outside doing essay reading – actually found useful books in the library, amazing! – and dreamed of drinking on the piazza after all the horrible exams are over. Cos lets face it, THAT is what summer is all about. Cannot wait!!

Went to Baby B last night, and mixed reaction from my friends. I liked it. Admittedly it wasnt like topb of last year let alone my 1st year, but lets face it, everyone groans when 'build me up buttercup' or 'you cant touch this' comes on cos we are BORED of that stuff. I agree there was a bit too much 'rock' (in the most commercial sense of the word tho) but they were good songs at least, and, well, i thought it was a good night, and they did play most things that we asked for (and even one song just BEFORE i was going to ask for it!). I had no complaints, good night out, and would be tempted to go again (shock, horror!).

Right back to the essay…grrrrr!

March 17, 2005

Bacon Day

today is what is officially known in my house as bacon day – so named because its one of those days where you get major hangover cravings for bacon butties, and you cant do anything until you get one. However, the effort of going out for the long (ha!) cold walk to somerfield for the bacon is just too much to handle, and so you end up with no work being done AND no bacon buttie. Bad news all round really!

Dont see how people manage to ramble on so much in their blog…i cant get past the thought that no-one would want to read about the randomness that goes on in my head (especially when hungover) but it does provide an escape from the HUGE amounts of work i have to do at the moment. You know when you have so much to do that you just cant bring yourself to do any of it? (and certainly not without the aid of bacon). Have had 2 cups of tea and still not feeling any better. There is just nothing beiing done today at all. Cant even bring myself to go into town to buy a crocodile – hee hee I mean stuff to make a crocodile costume…those photos are going to be hilarious!!

bad bad hair today – my bunches are completely uneven, and there appears to be no good solution. grrr.

December 19, 2004

Anyone Seen The Secret Life of Us?

I realise that this is not the hottest series around but has anyone seen it? Having had a couple of weeks with little to fill my time in the evenings (long story) I have become completely addicted to this small-known Aussie soap which seems to star a fair number of ex-neighbours and home&away cast (quelle surprise!). I wont tell you which bit Im up to in case I ruin it for anyone, but Im very traumatised by the latest episode!! Im hoping that at least someone out there knows what im talking about! I realise how sad this is, but hey I had time to fill, and the alternative was reading books for my essay – which would you choose?!

October 22, 2004

Looking for the untapped Resource

Having been back in Leamington for four weeks now, my friends and I have been quickly reminded of the lack of single, straight men in the area…It doesnt take long to realise that Mirage, Sugar and the Union are not exactly the place to be looking for Mr Right, unless you are

a) a gay man
b) Happy to find someone who thinks its ok to join their mates in surrounding a group of girls until they bully them into getting what they want…regardless of which girl it ends up being with. Also known as the Mirage Meat Market!
C) One of those annoyingly magic people who manage to look their sexiest after a couple of hours dancing in a mist (or should that be smog?!) of sweat!! (if you are one of those people, pleeeeease tell us your secret!!)

And so, we have decided that either we have made a serious error in judgement when making our uni choice (someone should warn you about these things!), or there is an untapped resource of great single men just waiting to be found. Any suggestions as to where this resource might be?! (Some might say the Trampoline Club isnt the obvious starting point….:)

If this untapped resource fails to be discovered (or tapped, if you will!) then drastic action may have to be taken – importing from other universities has been the best suggestion so far!! Oooh or how about speed-dating in the union? Could be fun….!!

October 15, 2004

Behold the pink boots!!

Well this is my first entry so im not quite sure what to put….i bought pink boots today!!!!! :) This has cheered me up greatly, and i love them so much i might even have to sleep in them.

Today i had a 9 o'clock lecture, which for a slacker psychologist (or 'pretend scientist', thanks, Dave B!) is quite a tall order. Survived it tho!!

My pics are quite limited at the mo owing to the fact that i have no scanner or digital camera – waaaay behind with the technology there! Will have to do something about that. But if you want a laugh how about finding me on http.// instead!

Hmmm, thats about it for now. Except to say what a fantastic work avoidance strategy! Always looking for new ones of those!

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