October 15, 2004

Where did the week go?!

I can't believe that I am writing this a whole week after my last entry! Many apologies for not updating sooner, but I have been incapacitated by good old Fresher's Flu….man I felt lousy! Thankfully it has all but gone now, so I feel much more alive.

So what has been happening? Well, I've had my first two Chemistry lab sessions, which were good, I have always enjoyed practical work. I just keep everything crossed in the hope that I don't break anything!

I feel like I'm properly settled in to daily life here too, at last it has stopped feeling like I'm on holiday and about to return home. Perhaps its actually having to do some work!

Just as a random comment, if anyone is feeling in need of breakfast one morning, I highly recommend Cafe Library (I believe it used to be called Kaleidoscope?) I had a yummy brekkie in there this morning for only 1.50.

We in AV had the joys of a fire drill at 7.35 this morning…I thought it was my alarm clock going off, so I turned over to switch it off, and the noise didn't go away!!! It gradually filtered through to me that it was quite a lot louder than my alarm clock, so I stumbled out in my pyjamas, slippers and my big black coat…what a sight I must of looked all bleary-eyed and with wild hair! That would be a great source of candids for a newspaper article entitled 'Freshers – what life is like!'

My next-door neighbour and I continue to wonder who lives above us as they insist on playing Greek love songs at full volume, singing along, and presumably dancing – as there is some semi-rhythmic tapping on the ceiling above me – AT 2 IN THE MORNING!!!!!! Why, oh why, oh why?

Such is one of the mysteries of living in halls, others including:
"Who put that on my shelf/in my cupboard?" When a bottle of milk for example suddenly appears in your spot in the fridge.
"Who keeps moving the – ?" Fill in the blank! My most common is searching desperately for the lighter for the oven, which seems to periodically vanish off the face of the earth.
"Who was that singing/playing music last night?" Why will no one ever own up…there are 13 people in the corridor, and it must have been someone!!

I'm sure my experiences are diluted cos I live in Arthur Vick, I can imagine all the bathroom-related dramas in other halls!

Share your mysteries, maybe someone will have an explanation….

Bye for now,

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  1. Yep it used to be called Kaleidoscope, which I know wasnt an amazing name but come on who thought up the very imaginative name 'Cafe Library'???

    15 Oct 2004, 17:36

  2. I know, I wonder how much they got paid for thinking that one up!

    15 Oct 2004, 18:09

  3. Mathew Mannion

    Psh, 7.35 in the morning, we used to have them at 4 or 5am in Rootes :(

    Breakfasts for £1.35 in Cholo or £0.99 in Rootes Restaurant I believe, both very nice

    15 Oct 2004, 18:10

  4. Ali

    Salam pedar qoob bood poetryt sood beya quane bye bye

    15 Oct 2004, 18:19

  5. but its the bacon and sausage baquettes for £1.95 ish.


    15 Oct 2004, 22:04

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