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September 30, 2004

The one with the textbooks and the rugby player…

Well, at least something slightly more blog-worthy to write this morning!
I headed to the union last night, but because I am without a Gold card, I stayed upstairs in Cholo with a couple of friends. While one was fighting her way through the croud of revellers around the bar (trying to avoid getting any of the evilly-purple coloured Fresher's punch on her white top) a member of the mens rugby team came and sat down beside me.
"Hello…" he slurred
"Hi," I say,
"Whats the time?"
"uh, ten to 10."
"What time is Score?"
"10 o clock"
"Is that in 10 minutes?"
(points to women's rugby team) "Is that the mens rugby?"
"Do they like men?"
"I wouldn't know!"
"Have you seen my team?"
"No, sorry"
(gets tearful) "I've lost them. I've lost my team"
"Oh dear, well if I spot them-"
"There they are, down there!!!!!!"
"Oh, good!"
"Are you coming to Score?"
"Ohh, whyyyyyy?"
"Haven't got a gold card. Can't be bothered to pay."
"Ohhhh, nooooo. OK, bye" (runs)

It was hilarious, I spent the rest of the night wanting to run into him to see uf it was possible for him to get any more wasted, or whether we would find him curled up sleeping like a baby!

Today I have to go and spend a ridiculous amount of money on textbooks…a necessary evil, but I was unnerved by the fact that all are in the 'oversize' section in the library! I wonder if my back is ever going to be the same again….urg!

Enough already! I hear you cry.
Okay, okay, I'll quit, but I tell you I'm enjoying this blogging, this isn't the last you'll hear of me….

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