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October 02, 2004

General stuff…

Well, it's the weekend! We've made it a whole week….without starving, without running out of clothes, without setting fire to anything! Go us!

Last night I went to Soul Nation, which was great fun. I danced in the Cooler until I thought my feet would fall off, and then retired upstairs for a sit-down and a drink (need to work on my stamina!)

I did my first proper food shop today, and after getting completely lost in Tescos, I managed to stay within budget. I've never been renowned for my forward thinking, so it came as no surprise that the shopping was far too heavy to carry, and I swear that my arms are now longer than they were before. I guess I'll get the hang of it!

I'm planning to head to School Dayz tonight, got my faux-uniform all sorted, despite the fact that anyone in my old school that wore anything like that would have been whisked off to the Principal's office before you could say 'miniskirt!'

Yesterday was quite a hard day of lectures…at 11am I had to go to the chemistry lab and check the glassware against the inventory. It's so cool, we have our own lockers full of oddly shaped glassware….with equally strange names- a Buchner adapter, what the hell?!
Then, at 2pm we had three lectures in a row, yawn! We had to trek between the humanities building and the new Maths building in between them, which made the ten-minute gap seem very short indeed. Got back to the Hall at 5.30 on the verge of hypothermia – sorry I'm exaggerrating again, it's a bad habit – and ate a great pile of chips for dinner, mmmmm, comfort food!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.

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