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January 24, 2006


I just wanted to express my general annoyance about standards of IT provision lately.

Firstly I couldn't access me email. Or only intermittently. Or only slowly and painfully. Or only when I had not received any emails.

Then I couldn't access my hard drive, which was helpful, since all of my work was stored there.

And then, yesterday, I discovered that I couldn't login at all, because for some reason I had to change my password, even though I was perfectly happy with the one I had had before. This was, admittedly, partly my fault, since I squandered my one chance to change it by trying, unsuccessfully to retype the same one again in the hope that it wouldn't notice (of course, it did notice, and proceeded to deny me access). But, in my defence, it is hard to think of a new password just like that. I mean, what are you supposed to do if your pet's name doesn't happen to have 8 characters?

Anyway, I have obviously managed to resolve these difficulties (for the time being), but I just felt the need to grumble. I also want to know who it is who keeps tampering with the computer system and causing it to go wrong. Please, in future, DO NOT TOUCH IT, and thus cause innocent people unncecessary inconvenience (particuarly me).

Thank you

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