December 14, 2005

So people actually READ this!!!!!

This is so surreal! And also slightly frightening, since it proves that people actually read this blog…

Basically, I received an email today from someone working for Channel 4, on account of the contents of this website. Sadly, they are not about to commission a new programme in which I get to tour the world making profound historical comments about various exotic places (though no doubt this is only a matter of time). They are however, interested in the fabulous Daisy the cat (see below), who has been invited, largely, it would seem, on account of her great bulk, to star in the new series of The Friday Night Project! Apparently Daisy's role would involve her sitting on some scales whilst various guests have to guess 'whether she is fatter than a number of topical things' (the answer being, I should imagine, 'yes', in most cases).

Unfortunately, I regret to say that Daisy, whilst flattered by the interest in her wonderful figure, will probably not be taking up this offer. Although a world expert in the art of sitting, the prospect of doing so in a studio on some scales does not greatly appeal, and the volume of whining generated by a 5 mile trip to the vet suggests that the journey to London might be somewhat traumatic. In any case, Daisy is currently awaiting a call from the BBC to appear in a new feline-related documentary by David Attenborough, in which she is filmed in her natural environment (namely, the lounge). She would thus not wish to jeopardise this project by premature exposure…

I would like to emphasise, however, that if channel 4 wish to use Daisy's beautiful image in their production, then I will happily negotiate the sale of the exclusive images on this blog. Jacqueline the hamster has also informed me that she would be willing, if the contract terms were right, to participate in a show where she has the opportunity to chew sweetcorn, people's toes, and anything through which an electric current can flow…It is time the great versatility of this animal was appreciated.

A slippery customer

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  1. Daisy the cat is very pretty. I also have a very large cat. His name is Smudge, and you can see pictures of him on my blog if you like.

    14 Dec 2005, 17:33

  2. That's great! I once had a at called Daisy and she was the tiniest little thing ever. People took her for a kitten even when she was in her teens.

    14 Dec 2005, 17:56

  3. God lord, your cat looks exactly like mine!

    14 Dec 2005, 22:13

  4. I've seen your cats, Alisa, and they are lovely! As is yours, Victoria. And Ian, as you may guess from the picture, this Daisy is rarely mistaken for a kitten…

    On an (almost) serious note, if any of your delightful pets would like to participate in the Friday Night Project as a substitute for Daisy, then you should contact In response to my email explaining that Daisy would be unavailable for the show, Poppy has asked me to let her know if I know (and I quote) 'any larger cats or rabbits', so there is clearly an opportunity for any fame seeking animals out there…

    15 Dec 2005, 20:03

  5. Ellen

    How random! I obviously haven't been on your blog for ages as I hadn't seen this. I can't believe someone would actually go trawling the internet looking for pictures of fat cats! Surely they must have a more reliable source than that at channel 4. Still it would have been fun – you should have gone for it, though I can see why the idea of taking a cat to London didn't appeal! She and the hamster are both very cute.

    19 Mar 2006, 20:30

  6. Paul

    Hi All,
    Speaking of David Attenborough & Cats, can anyone remeber the name of the documentary the he did about the domestic moggie, i recall the opening where he is sitting in an armschair stroking a cat telling us how close the moggie & its bigger cousins are. It was fantastic but i'm having a big problem trying to find it.
    Any help appreciated
    My 14 Year Old cat is called Tabatha.

    19 May 2006, 12:49

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