February 04, 2005


Well I'm trying to keep to my resolutions. but failing

The healthy eating thing has gone to pot. In our department we had four birthdays in 2 and a bit weeks including mine, which meant cakes each time. And I have no will power. And the cakes were sooo nice. My boyfriend also had his birthday, which meant another meal out just a couple of weeks after we went out for mine. And then we went out boozing for my birthday and for his. And then last night, well I was simply just too tired to cook and so KFC won (back on the will power thing again..) And now I'm off to Chester for the weekend for another birthday. I've decided to write off January. Diet begins on Monday.

I've got closer to joining a gym. I looked at one. (wow, what abog step that was) – the Midland Sport centre, and it seemed pretty good. Now I'm delaying because i have to get passport photos done before I can join. Another to do on Monday thing.

The really good thing about getting my photo done is that I can have photo evidence of my new hair. For the first time in about 8 years, I actually had my hair styled. I didn't just have a trim and keep it that really boring, just on my shoulders, all the same length, crappy effort that I seem to have had forever. I talked to the lovely hairdresser about layers, and fringes and bangs and even colours. She cut a cool layered look for me which frames my face and actually makes my face look slimmer! So I'm well pleased. Though I can't get it up into much of a ponytail now so God knows what I'll do at hockey tomorrow. We're off to beat the Lufbra Students tomorrow. Looking forward to it greatly. Especially after our 8–0 win two weeks ago and getting postponed last week, i'm champing at the bit. We're dangerously close to the top of the league and automatic promotion to national league. woo hoo!

Anyways, really should be working. even though it's Friday things just don't slow down here.

January 19, 2005

year so far…

Well we’re not really very far in, but having just had my birthday I’ve now passed a milestone for the year. I set myself ‘sort-of’ resolutions. I said I’d lose weight, get fit and get more sleep. I’ve lost some weight (only a bit but it’s a start), got a bit fitter (in comparison to the Xmas break lethargy anyway) and I had one night of really good sleep.

Sleep is the biggest issue. I look like I’ve been thumped in both eyes as the circles under them are so big. What ever time I go to bed I never wake up feeling refreshed. I had one night last week though where my mindset when I went to bed was that I was going to bed early (actually not that early I found out, but my watch had stopped!) and that I was going to sleep well. And I woke up next morning feeling OK. And I didn’t have to hold both handrails to get down the stairs as my eyes were actually properly open! So I’ve decided it’s all a mental thing. I’m going to think refreshed and think energised. I will join the gym (I’ve been saying that for two weeks now, but I will) and more to the point, I will go to the gym. I will continue to eat healthily and not get down when it goes wrong (birthdays are so bad for that). And I will go to bed early and believe that I’ll sleep well and feel good in the morning. And who knows, if I do feel good in the morning, maybe I’ll even get down to the other resolution – doing some sit ups every morning. (ugh, still don’t like the sound of that one. That was me swept up in the tide of new year resolution excitement).

One other resolution. I will write in my blog more often. Can’t promise it’ll be interesting but I will do it. Promise.

October 12, 2004

mmmmmmm curry

Went to a curry last night at Akbars. And it was fantastic.

I've been there a few times before, but not since it was done up. It looks so good, and the service was great. But best of all was the food. I've never had a bad or ordinary meal there, and they didn't disappoint last night. I'd personally recommend the mixed grill, or the chicken biryani, but the chicken masala is also great. Too much to choose from!

They even have a website! http://www.akbars-cuisine.co.uk/

September 27, 2004

Recruiting Hockey Players

To all hockey players out there;

Hampton - in - Arden hockey club is recruiting for all of its teams. We run 4 mens and 2 ladies sides. The ladies 1s are in the Midland Premier league and the mens 1s are in Midland div 1. We want players of all ages and standards to come along and join in. We're a very sociable side, regular nights out to Leam and Cov as well as tour and the usual fun. We also have a great mixed team who last year reached the national plate finals weekend.

We also run junior training – training for u14s is at Hampton's pitch on a Sunday morning (10am). All children welcome for a season of training from a bunch of good coaches (ahem, blowing my own trumpet slightly there!.)

The adults train at Warwick Uni on a Tuesday at 7.30pm on the bottom astro pitch. We will be playing home matches at our NEW pitch in Hampton in Arden (just ten minutes by train from Coventry and only about 15/20 in the car). Plenty of people come from Coventry so lifts are no problem.

If you're interested perhaps you could leave a comment or just turn up on Tuesday.

Hero – Jet Li and all things martial arty

I went and saw Hero on Friday night. Opening night and there was probably about 15 of us in the audience. and 7 of those left during the film.

That's a giveaway that this isn't your usual crowd-pleasing, blockbusting action movie with gimmicks and shocking product-placement.

The story is based around a Hero (gasp – never saw that coming with a title like that) who gets to meet the Leader of his part of the country because he has removed the assasins who were trying to kill him. Now I'm saying no more about the plot because it's good and it has lots of twists and turns and I'm not going to spoil it.

The fight scenes are great and some made me just go 'wow'. It's mostly sword fighting, and there are some of your usual Chinese movie cheesey flying wire stunts. But what really got me was the use of colour and imagery. One sword fight takes place in the rain and they have shots of the sword slicing through raindrops. It would make a brilliant poster (not found it yet!).

I want to write more but actually am finding it quite difficult to expalina movie that is beautiful yet quite brutal, glorious but sad also. This is a specialists' film. if you're not into martial arts I'm not sure you'd like it. Also you have to be able to read subtitles pretty quick. But if you liike different movies do go see it.

I'll put some movie stills into my gallery. The pictures come courtesy of cinema.com

September 22, 2004


I've been following the progress of the British Paralympians over in Athens this week and it is just phenomenal what is going on. Everyone has such a great spirit, which some of our able bodied athletes could do with learning about, and people are overcoming some real difficulties to make the most amazing achievements.

Just as good is the coverage that the BBC is giving it. Do check it out and also watch BBC 2 as they are showing programmes each evening showing the day's progress.

September 15, 2004


Oh my word, I'm about to put a deposit down for a new house to rent. This will be my first non-student house. In other words, it is actually in really good condition and with a landlord who doesn't look like he's about to rip us off for every penny going (can you tell what kind of experiences I had at uni?)

My parents have kindly donated some old furniture and said I can take my bed from the house and we've even budgeted for Sky and broadband. We have a sofa and a table and pots and pans galore from when we were back at uni. Then mum mentioned a microwave – hmmm expense. And then there was a telephone. And more furniture. This is going to be expensive. Oh well.

It's all very exciting. And haven't even mentioned that this is just going to be me and the boyfriend for the first time. Thank God we have a computer to keep him quiet, we'd probably both go slightly crazy if we were keeping each other company all the time!!

I'm off to pay the deposit this morning and I'm sure I'll be posting my stresses here as the move goes on.

September 10, 2004

Parking award

For anyone in Westwood who happens to go by the big car park by the Avon Building – take a look at the classic piece of parking. Someone obviously thought there was a bay where they left their car. Obviously there wasn't as it's actually the lane for the parking bays either side. I watched soo many people drive in, look at the car and then move on looking totally confused. But now it looks like two others decided to join in the mayhem. I wish I had my camera with me.

September 07, 2004


What makes us volunteer? And I don't mean for the help-people-in-a-good-cause way. I mean for stupid tasks, ot even for jobs you doin't even want to do.

Example – I found myself sitting at my hockey club committee meeting yesterday (note: I'm not even a committee member, I was just asked along as i'm a coach) and inexplicably I have now got the job of getting samples of new kit and then taking orders. I've also said that I'll help organise the launch day for our new pitch. I volunteered to do this. ????? I don't really have the time and I'm about to move house. what on earth made me think – "I could do that"

But it must be an epidemic. Everywhere you look people are doing thankless tasks that they don't enjoy, just because something made them say – "Count me in". I don't get it, but I'm gonna have to learn to keep my mouth shut when I feel that surge of helpfulness run through me.

August 23, 2004

World Cycle

I had meant to mention this a while back, but better late than never…

One of the guys from my course at uni in Bath (we graduated together last year) is attempting to cycle round the world. He is nuts but very very very fit, and of course he's doing it for a good cause.

His website is http://www.worldcycle.co.uk

Please check it out and donate if you wish. Phi is keeping up some sort of diary of his travels and it makes for quite interesting reading.

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