October 07, 2005

And now, the end is near…..

Today is my last day at Warwick.

In some ways I'm very sad to be leaving. I'm definitely going to miss most of my colleagues and students (especially my showy dental students with their posh cars!!!).

It's been an interesting experience. I've been here two years now and I'm definitely ready to move on. I've found myself very frustrated at times (especially with the academics I've worked with on occasions!) but also been exceedingly challenged at times, which has been good.

So I'm moving on – going to be a Communications and Reassurance Officer with the West Midlands Police. Another institution!

And if I didn't like change and challenge enough, I'm also just about to exchange contracts on a house. Oh and I got a new car last week. Would it surprise you to hear I've been just a little stressed???

So anyway, this is my farewell. I've not been a prolific blog writer, but I have read them every day and enjoyed the musings and scribblings of many.

Warwick, you've been pretty good to me over these past few years – so long and take care xxxxxxxx

September 21, 2005

It's the simple things….

Having popped into the supermarket on the way to work, I spotted Hubba Bubba chewing gum by the checkout and treated myself to a pack. Total spur of the moment thing – but how good did it make me feel???

I drove to work blowing bubbles, and then sorting out the mess when they popped unexpectedly and I just couldn't keep the smile off my face. I have been remarkably stressed these last few weeks, but who would have thought a piece of chewing gum would be the ultimate de-stresser (sure that's not a word but hey).

It reminded me of summers at school when we would run out after school to the ice cream van and all buy screwballs (for those not in the know, they were plastic cones full of ice cream with a ball of bubble gum at the bottom). We'd wolf down the ice cream and then spend ages sitting in the park just blowing bubbles and messing around. Heaven.

And just a small piece of confectionary brought all these memories flooding back. And with gum stuck to my face I felt like a right kid again.

So now I've decided that I must always have an emergency piece of Hubba Bubba in my bag and in my desk for those desperate moments. Thank the lord for simple things….

August 11, 2005

Other Blog

I today found this blog. It is one guy's life.
Not so interesting I hear you say?

Wrong – this guy has cancer, and has written all about his experiences. He is brave, honest, funny and sad. It is an amazing blog about a pretty normal, but yet also so amazing, guy.

Have a read. go on..


July 22, 2005


I've just been to a presentation to mark the end of a course I've been attending over the last four months. It was called Springboard and was just for non-managerial women.

We explored many issues including assertiveness, image, networking, support, and many more. It was really interesting, a small voyage of self discovery and a great chance to meet lots of people who I wouldn't have otherwise met.

I've put the group photo that Tilly provided in the gallery under Other. It's nice to have the reminder of the smiley faces of the group.

I would really recommend this to anyone else who is thinking they'd like to attend.

June 27, 2005


Follow-up to panic!!!! from H's blog

Interview over. Panic over.

The Course Director offered me a place. I am so pleased.

We had a good, relaxed chat where he asked me what I was interested in and why I wanted to do the course and told me about all it. Am now going to invest in my first text book and get ready for October when it all begins (that is of course so long as Mr Nice Manager gives me a loan.)


I have an interview in less than half an hour to try and get on a masters degree. It's a phone interview and I am panicking. I've never had a phone interview, in fact, I've never done an academic interview as I applied for uni with my A level grades and so never had to go to interview.

I have no idea what to expect and at the moment nowhere to do the interview (my office is full of people and the office that Id hoped would be empty isn't.) Think I may have to do the interview in my car in the car park!!

I have to prove (I think) that I want to do the course, have time to do it (it's distance learning) and that I'm generally a great and right person for the course. aaaaaaarggggghhhhhhh

oh god. 15 minutes….

April 06, 2005

World Cycle

I blogged this much time ago, but I really want people to know so here we go again.

A friend of mine from University is cycling round the world. It's an officially recognised world record attempt too. Most importantly however, he's doing it to raise money for charity.

I would be gutting to think that he has put himself though hell and some danger to not raise much, so please put your hands in your pockets and donate something to Oxfam. If it's only 50p it's something to someone.

Phil's website is www.worldcycle.co.uk

He's been keeping a log of his journey and some of the places he's been are just amazing.

Please take a look

March 15, 2005

Which digital camera?

I know that many of you out there are very knowledgeable about cameras and so I am coming to you, putting my faith in you, and asking for advice.

I want a digital camera. I have been taking photos with a long lens SLR for a while now which I do enjoy, but I can't take it out with me and its a little on the large size for things like walking trips or cycling.

So, the small digital camera it is. I have about £160 to spend and I want at least 4m pixel resolution (would prefer 5 or more), optical and digital zoom and all the basics. Wouldn't mind options to manual control, but am not so bothered. the pixels are the important issue.

I spoke to someone at London Camera Exchange a while back but he was just trying to get as much money out of me as possible and I would prefer to get the best for as cheap as possible (doesn't everyone?)

So, what do you recommend?

March 08, 2005

damn and blast

With all the good intentions in the world last week I started the fitness burst to get in shape. And now it's all gone to pot as I've damaged myself.

Playing hockey on Saturday I was running full pelt with the ball and felt a sudden pang in my right calf and couldn't straighten my leg to put it on the floor. (hence me falling over like I'd been shot!). Having seen the physio now it appears I have torn some of the muscle in the calf and have been banned from hockey and other physical activity for at least the next week probably the next two. poooo. It still hurts when I walk as I can't extend my leg properly so I now have a fetching limp. I have to miss the Varsity game Wednesday (was meant to be playig for Coventry as I' m a part time student there) and am missing Saturday's league game for Hampton. I'm dithering about whether I could disobey orders and play Sunday as we have a crunch rearranged league fixture against our arch rivals Belper who I'm not too fond of. Shall just have to see how it goes.

So for now I'll be participating in a bit of chair dancing (sitting down and shrugging my shoulders in time to the music) and will try my best to diet better so that the lack of activity doesn't show too much. wish me luck…..

March 03, 2005

it's begun…..

Well I made the decision that i ahd to get fit and lose weight. So i've bought into a potential gimmick and invested in the 'BodyDoctor' book and also bought some weights. Having put off joining the gym owing to the fact that I needed a passport photo and that I've found every excuse possible for not getting one done (bad hair day, Sainsburys booth is outside and it's too cold, Tesco's had loads of kids in it, I wasn't feeling smiley etc etc) I decided that I really had to take action.

So a few nights ago I did the first set of exercises that I'll be doing three times a week (at least) for the next six weeks (at least – but that's my target, I have a wedding to go to). it hurt. I realise that I've gone from being able to do proper press ups and hundreds of sit ups (when I was at school) to not being able to do one proper push up without really struggling. And then i had to measure myself. oh lordy. I knew I was holding a few extra pounds, but to find that my boyfriend (a good five inches taller and more athletic) has nearly the same size thighs and waist as me was a tad depressing. So now the motivator is definitely to make sure that i look better in my skirt at the wedding that he will in his (he's wearing a kilt by the way, he's not a cross-dresser).

So here we go then….. I will be using the blog as a motivator blogging highs and lows (sure there will be a good few of those). But hopefully I will look lovely in six weeks and then I'll be one happy blogger!

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