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I work in the Centre for Primary Health Care Studies as a Course Coordinator looking after the MSc Implant Dentistry and the PGA Sexual Health in Primary Care (Sex and Teeth, hmm interesting combination).

I have not got a scientific bone in my body so how I ended up in the Medical School is a bit of a mystery although my role really just requires me to be competent at juggling about one hundred tasks at once (whilst drinking my red bull to keep me awake and reading blogs to keep me entertained).

I am an avid hockey player, playing for Hampton-in-Arden Ladies 1sts and coaching the club’s junior section as well as being a coach for the Midlands Girls Performance Development Squads.

I’m also a big film fan, current favourite is Hero. Also like the martial arty type films with bad dubbing. Always good fun.

What else might you like to know about me? I went to Bath University and studied Business. I’ve played for Coventry Uni against Warwick on Varsity day (boo.. hisss… playing for the enemy; hehe). I got my grade 8 piano. And my tadpole swimming badge (Polesworth swimming baths, 1988). I was born in Nuneaton. And I live in permanent decamp fever, where I dream of travelling round the world, but I’ve never done it (watch this space – one day I will, though this year I’ve only been as far as Wales and Newcastle).

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