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February 09, 2011

JISC TechDis subject and library survey – experiences in obtaining alternative formats

Do you have experience of working with publishers to source or produce accessible texts for your students? 

JISC TechDis are seeking to produce a summary of publisher responsiveness to requests for alternative and/or accessible texts on a subject by subject basis.  Students with accessibility needs can benefit enormously from the provision of an online version.

The summary aims to:

  1. Advise subject communities on the best publishers in their subject areas in terms either providing texts in accessible format at source (e.g. accessible e-book platforms), or supporting requests for alternative formats of hard copy books.
  2. Provide early feedback to publishers commended for their accessibility awareness.
  3. Identify problem publishers.  These will be approached (in partnership with intermediaries and peers within the industry) to give them feedback, make them aware of the issues and point them to advice and guidance from the Right to Read Alliance and the publishing industry.

Further details can be found in this pdf from TechDis subjectcentresurvey.doc.  The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and is available at:  




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