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March 07, 2011

High Achieving Graduates of History

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The work of the government and our subject community is increasingly concentrating on enabling students to fulfil their potential during and after their studies.  The aim of the projects within 'History Graduates with Impact'is to highlight and evidence the 'value' of studying history and some of the developments in the UK.

As part of the research into 'Graduates with Impact', the Subject Centre (along with the English and Philosophical and Religious Studies Subject Centres) conducted a search of history (and wider humanities) alumni.  The result is a database of alumni who have progressed into positions of note and interest.  Findings from the database will be used in David Nicholl's forthcoming update to his 2005 work on 'The Employment of History Graduates', but we have also made the fill datasets available to the wider community on our website ... to encourage discussion with prospective students.

A publication of case studies, surveys and reports on 'History Graduates with Impact' will be available in July, in the meantime, please visit the project website for more details:

January 17, 2011

Quality Enhancement Work in Wales

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The HEA in Wales is currently leading work to coordinate activity in the Welsh sector to enhance specific areas of learning and teaching in HE at the request of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW). This joint approach will lead to greater benefits for students as a result of both universities and sector organisations working together to enhance students' learning experiences.

A new enhancement theme - Graduates for our future - has been identified for higher education institutions and sector orgnisations in Wales to focus their learning and teaching activities. Three work-strands will sit under this theme:

  1. Students as partners;
  2. Learning in employment;
  3. Learning for employment.

More information about the work can be found at:

November 01, 2010

History Graduate Destinations

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HECSU has released its annual report on the destinations of graduates six months after graduation. The profile of History graduates demonstrates the diversity of occupations and destinations available reflecting the wide range of skills developed during the degree. Perhaps surprising is the popularity of business and finance professional careers. The unemployment rate for the History graduates of 2009 was 9.2%, a little higher than the national average of 8.9%.

History Graduate Destinations (2009)

4265 Female

3860 Male

8130 Total responses

9800 All graduates

83.0 % response

Graduate destinations, six months after graduation



In UK employment


In overseas employment


Working and studying


Studying in the UK for a higher degree


MA: Multimedia broadcast journalism

MSc: Real Estate

MA: Museum Studies

MA: History

Graduate Diploma in Law

Studying in the UK for a teaching qualification


PGCE: History

PGCE: Primary

Undertaking other further study or training in the UK


BEng: Automotive Engineering

Pilot Training

Undertaking other further study or training overseas


Believed to be unemployed


Not available for employment, study or training




Type of work for those in employment

2420 Female

2030 Male

4445 Total

Occupations of those in employment



Marketing, Sales and Advertising Professionals


Marketing Executive: Capital group

Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector Managers


Management trainee: Enterprise Rent a Car

Scientific Research, Analysis and Development Professionals


Engineering Professionals


Health Professionals & Associate Professionals


Education Professionals


FE Lecturer

Tefl: British Council

Careers Advisor: Connexions

Business and Financial Professionals and Associate Professionals


International Manager: HSBC

Tax inspector: HM Revenue and Customs

Financial crimes Associate: RBS

Information Technology Professionals


Web project officer, Political party

Librarian, Stockport

Games tester, SEGA

Arts, Design, Culture and Sports Professionals


Editorial assistant: History press

Gallery assistant: Art gallery in Manchester

Legal Professionals


Social & Welfare Professionals


Other Professionals, Associate Professional and Technical Occupations


Police Officer

Chef, Brewers restaurants

Proofreader, Global Data

Auctioneers assistant, Auction house

Numerical Clerks and Cashiers


Other Clerical and Secretarial Occupations


Retail, Catering, Waiting and Bar Staff


Other Occupations


Personal trainer: Fitness First

Unknown Occupations


February 15, 2010

New resources available to enhance employability skills for students

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The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) has funded a project entitled: Creating Future Proof Graduates led by Birmingham City University. The project has created resources for engaging a diverse range of students in transformative learning to enhance their skills for employment.  Many of these resources will be of use to History undergraduates. The topics covered include:

  • Cultural awareness;
  • Providing relevant answers;
  • Professional Ethics;
  • Networking and social confidence;
  • Unexpected and extreme emotions and reactions;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Research skills;
  • Bullying and the misuse of power.

All the multimedia resources are freely available and are accompanied by teaching notes.




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