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September 08, 2010

New eLearning Resource: Transcribe Bentham

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The Transcribe Bentham crowdsourcing initiative officially launched today.

Transcribe Bentham is a participatory project based at University College London. Its aim is to engage the public in the online transcription of original and unstudied manuscript papers written by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), the great philosopher and reformer. They would like to encourage all those who have an interest in Bentham or those with an interest in  history, politics, law, philosophy and economics, fields to which Bentham made significant contributions, to visit the site. Those with an enthusiasm for palaeography, transcription and manuscript studies will be interested in Bentham’s handwriting, while those involved in digital humanities, education and heritage learning will find the site intriguing. Undergraduates and school pupils studying Bentham’s ideas are particularly encouraged to use the site to enhance their learning experience.

The Transcription Desk is now open to the public and the team encourages everyone to have a go at transcribing Jeremy Bentham’s papers! They welcome all contributions and all thoughts on anything relating to Bentham and the project in general. You are warmly encouraged to explore the site, create a profile and post comments on our discussion board. Tell them about your favourite Bentham quote or invented word! Gain points for your contributions to move up our progress ladder and become a transcribing prodigy! Track the progress of transcription by viewing the Benthamometer.

This is the first major crowdsourcing transcription project, from which we will learn much about the nature of community engagement and social media. We will share these results with you in the near future.



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