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June 03, 2010

New report calls comparability of UK degrees into question

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A new report published by HEPI argues that a real degree of comparability across all institutions and subjects is not practicable or even desirable. The report instead calls for standards and quality to be maintained by the creation of a system of subject-based networks.

The new school History curriculum needs wide academic input

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Professor Jackie Eales, Co-Convenor of History UK has called on the government to seek wider input from University historians following the report that Michael Gove is planning to ask Niall Ferguson to revise the school History curriculum. Professor Eales particularly draws attention to the expertise in the History subject associations: History UK, the Historical Association and the History Subject Centre.

Podcast on the impact of volcanic eruptions in European History

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Dr Jan Oosthoek of the University of Newcastle and a member of Rescue!History has recently produced a podcast about the impact of volcanic eruptions on European history and in particular the consequences in the 14th century crisis.

Rescue!History's new book History at the End of the World was featured in our latest e-bulletin:



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