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August 20, 2018

Life lessons embedded in bubble shooter

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How did I spend my summer? Hopelessly addicted to playing bubble shooter and regularly practicing yoga. It really helped me reflect on my time on university. Ofcourse I'm referring to the former and not the latter when I say this.

What does university have to do with bubble shooter? If you are like me- on a high of downloading and beating bubble games, you would start drawing parallels between life and bubble shooter too. And if you are actually are like me or want to jump on the bandwagon, this website is a good starter guide to your bubble shooter journey:

Bubble shooter is an accurate metaphor for several university experiences. Take interacting with people as an example. Just like balls of a similiar colour are clustered together in Bubble Shooter, the student body is composed of clusters formed by people who hold the same interests and opinions as each other. And so, in social settings students are more likely to find acquaintances if they do one of two things: either attempt to morph their own 'colour' to merge with the cluster or only interact with individuals similiar to them, ie. balls of the same colour.

In the first week of your first year, you're like a ball in the shooting gun; ready to be flung and seeking places to be flung to. Most of your school-life you've settled with the identity of being a red ball and it seemed to work for you. But now you're in a siutation where your flatmates are predominantly a cluster of green balls, they get along well and you want to join their comaradre. What do you do? If you're like most first year students, you morph into a green ball. You feign similiar interests, become more flexible with parts of your personality that you once thought were permanant. Morph, set target, launch and boom: you're one step closer to the next level in the game called university.

Another way university is similiar to bubble shooter: you don't always get what you signed up for. Even a novice player of bubble shooter knows about the dotted line that charts out what angles the ball can be flung at. That dotted line can often be the enemy- deceptive and full of false-hope. It reminds one of the path charted out by university for students about what adult life entails: spring breaks, internships and a stable job as the right-of passage. But just as balls that seem to be aimed correctly often end up in the wrong place, one discovers that there is no sure-fire way to sucess or stability. At the end of the day what matters is a keen eye for opportunity, and optimisim about future attempts after every failure.

The best part is, just like bubble shooter, you get better at univeristy as you go along. One moment you're stuck and defeated, and the other you've beat the level!

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