October 20, 2009

Cryfield 3: the start of the pudding competition

Perhaps it was inevitable? ... that food would be involved in my scheme for breaking down cultural cliques, sharing British culture and encouraging social integration and between UK and international students. I discussed it with Lucy, the resident tutor in Cryfield 1, last night who came up with this and the action plan. Tonight I mooted the idea of a pudding competition with several groups of residents in my block and they loved it. So folks, it is definitely ON!

The rules are relatively simple (but not yet set in stone so suggestions welcome).

  1. The competition will happen on the same evening in the next fortnight (an evening that the Cryfield resident tutors will choose).
  2. There are seven kitchens so there will be seven types of puddings. Each kitchen makes a pudding - or several of the same version.
  3. I'll give them each the name of the pudding to make and a recipe for it, which they can either choose to follow or adapt. We need to be able to recognise what pudding it is once it's finished.
  4. Each kitchen must involve all the people (who would like to take part) in the making and baking of the puddings.
  5. At a certain time the puddings are to be brought down to the common room where the judging will take place.
  6. There will be a criteria for how the puddings will be judged - to be revealed later.
  7. I'm mulling over the idea of giving extra points to kitchens if they involve 3 or more international students in the process.

Currently, I am thinking that judges will be the Cryfield Resident Tutors. I haven't discussed it with anybody else yet.

I've also given them some more suggestions to think about:

Everyone who would like to take part contributes 50p and the proceeds go towards their favourite charity (as a block) and covering the costs of the food.

Or - they could choose to cover costs of food amongst their kitchens and make it a social event.

So, I need seven suggestions of british puddings. And if you'd like to be a judge then it can be considered...

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  1. Lucy Tomlinson

    ok, seven British puddings, here goes
    Spotted Dick, Trifle, Apple pie/crumble, bread and butter pudding (I never liked my mothers, so we shall see!), bakewell tart thats 5 and all I could think of that were certainly british, another one is cheesecake but not sure that British, so just one more suggestion to go then!
    Hope this helps and I am looking forward to being a judge! We can practice next Thurs!!!

    21 Oct 2009, 13:34

  2. Han-na Cha

    Yeah :) we need to find an evening when the ‘judges’ are all around. Am liking all your suggestions – but don’t think that cheesecake is traditionally english. To add to it, also i was wondering about a chocolate one (have a few chocolate fiends in my block), sticky toffee pudding… and that makes 7. wonder if david will have any other suggestions too…

    21 Oct 2009, 13:55

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