About me

About me

Han-na Cha

I really like food. I like reading through recipe books and eating the photos on the paper. Honestly, though, I wasn’t one to try them out. Too much thinking, rather than any doing. Besides, my mind told me that if the author had published a recipe book, it was because they were an amazing cook. Not so moi.

Then I saw the same recipes replicated on other people’s food blogs and that made me think that perhaps I could also attempt what they had done. As I started baking more and then fiddling with the recipes, I kinda wanted a place to store all the recipes and what I’d changed.

Anyway, now that you know that I wasn’t born a chef (my first attempts at baking almost burnt the house down!) and I’m trying to learn and stretch myself to try out new recipes. I’m hoping that you’ll be inspired to make it as well. If I can impart to you this sense of, ‘if she can make it, then perhaps I can too’, I’m happy.

There are a few people who have particularly inspired me in cooking, baking and blogging.
Rich, a friend and a brilliant cook, really likes trying out new recipes on his friends. His attitude towards cooking and baking inspired me to do start cooking recipes myself. The thing I realised as I ate his creations, is that the chef can take you further than your own imagination if you decide to follow a recipe.
Claire – one of my former housemates – who inspires me when she merrily tries out various new recipes. She was completely unaware of this fact until I told her.
Ee-Reh, my sister, who experiments with new recipes too, such as green tea mochi. She first introduced me to food blogs and also devours cookery books. We like to talk food together.
Three of my colleagues encouraged me to start blogging the recipes that I’d tried out on Warwickblogs. Steve, Rob and Emma. Alas, if only the food blog was my PGA EAPP project, I would have loved it.