June 08, 2010

Cross–curricular planning within a group – Compton Verney thoughts part 3

We were discussing today how good it's been doing this cross-curricular planning within a group.  I know I'm being far more ambitious than perhaps I would be on my own - thinking anything (almost!) is possible.  I think previously when I've planned on my own I've often been quite 'safe' but children gain so much more when you just 'go for it' - it becomes so much more memorable.  I hope when I plan on my own in the future I remember how we have so much more confident to deliver exiting lessons when we 'egg each other on'.  Or perhaps on our next placement we can meet up and do some more planning together.

It's also interesting thinking about which topics are seen as inspiring and those which aren't.  Dragons have certainly caught our imagination and I'd be suprised if children don't become enthusiatic too.  Food for thought for when we're coming up with topics ourselves.

June 07, 2010

The End of the Day – CV Thoughts Part Two

Now my blogs set up I feel I should make the most of it for my ramblings!

I've just collected some research for my group's get together tommorrow.  We're presenting medium term planning on the theme of Dragons - a fantastic theme (sorry to those who got chairs and fruit but I'm looking forward to you convincing me on those ones!).  I think we could produce enough planning for a whole term - and we have to narrow it down to 6 hours!!  I've learnt lots tonight out the Welsh flag, St George and Chinese New Year - and they weren't the main things I was researching!!

We are also presenting how the Artsmark can be gained by schools and how it can link to Compton Verney as an art gallery.  There's far more information to wade through than I expected for this - having worked through Eco-Schools criteria before I wasn't expecting so much to have to be done to gain the Artsmark - but thinking about, I believe the arts is a deserving domain for time to be spent upon (not meaning to belittle the environment there!).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to putting some details into our Medium Term Plan tommorrow and feel quite inspired.  Tommorrow I shall be armed with the National Curriculum - but I wonder how long our references will be valid for!!

Compton Verney thoughts – Part One

So today we had our second session at Compton Verney.  I really enjoyed the day and love having a focus to work on at Compton Verney and within the arts.  Although I'm loving working within art and design, I'm not sure how confident I am working on dance!

After our day of portraits at Compton Verney before half term, it's been really interesting hearing and reading fellow trainees comments about the day.  Coming from a design background, really enjoying art and design and being a regular at art exhibitions I felt quite at home studying paintings and creating my own portrait and loved the day, never feeling apprehensive or nervous.  It's been really helpful to hear about other's feelings of low confidence, nerves and apprehension.  It's made me realise that while I'm confident and love art and design I need to bear in mind that not all of the children I teach will feel the same way - perhaps they'll have the same feelings about art as I do about dance at the moment!!  I think I need to remember how proud we all were of our portraits when we threw ourselves into it and do the same with these dance activities!

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