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December 30, 2006

They happen in threes…

Earlier this week I received an email from a friend at work reporting the death of her car halfway up the M6 to Scotland.

A few days ago da Widge also reported the death of his car.

Today mine has just taken to emitting a whining noise when accelerating in 3rd or 4th gear. I am reliably informed (by a guy who knows cars fantastically well) that I’ve lost a bering in the gearbox. This is either a job of replacing the gearbox (and anything else that the new gearbox requires eg new clutch or complete engine) or getting a new car. Suffice to say both are somewhat expensive. Oh yes and when I say ‘new’ gearbox I do mean salvaged from some other car.

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Now I just wait for a quote and decide which I want to go for.

December 28, 2006

Aristocratic mumblings

Ooh, just watched ‘The Aristocrats’ on More 4, I guess it’s funnier when you know what you’re going to get, but I must say I loved it. So yes I may be a slightly warped and sick bastard, but at least I’m not the one coming up with the stuff. I love just seeing how far each of the comedians can take it, the ability to cross so many boundaries in one conscious thought as a way of proving skill, one-up-manship or just taking the most Freudian scatological nightmare and calling it family entertainment. Awesome. oh dear, oh dear, what has become of me

In other news, erm not a lot, twere a bit different having Christmas as a true holiday – a break from work rather than education (although I guess work atm has a pretty hefty whack of learning atm, but that’ll ease up soon enough). Not so much a Holy-day, so my occasional Christian leanings are a bit bruised (who am I kidding, you did read the first paragraph right?), but there’s still a feel to the season I guess. Here’s to a happy new year, especially for those folks who had cause to be glum in the past one – I guess I’m thinking about the Gulf and Afghan, but I suppose that feeling applies closer to home too.

Ooer, bit low that. Be happy people it’s Christmas! And if your humour’s already in the gutter you could do with a dose of the Aristocrats to make the yuletide bright.

December 23, 2006

Home again

Well it’s Christmas and like so many others I have returned home for a bit. Not that I really had much choice this year mind, corporate accomodation has a habit of ceasing to be so accomodating when you no longer have a job in the local area – although I shall be returning to sunny (and hopefully not so foggy) Exeter come the Spring. For now its home for two weeks, then Lincolnshire before settling in Sufolk for a while at least, I’ve gotta say its all been rather interesting.

Had the big exam on Thursday, weird really, there’s nothing like the pressure of ‘If you fail theres a goodly chance we’ll give you a P45 for Christmas’ and yet I almost certainly did the least revision and was the most laid back. Fair bet that that’ll have to change for the next assessments which I’ve been assured are appropriately harder.

Naturally enough having had our last full day on thursday, plus an exam and the fact my birthday got ignored earlier in the week as people were too busy studying – we all got absolutely wasted. Twere lots of fun – even managed to convince my mostly non-rock colleagues to go to the local rock club, although it was rather light that night.

...As opposed to my head the next morning. Tequilla is not your friend. Never the best at hangovers though I am I did manage to struggle in to work to collect results, which as everyone passed was a rather nice way to round out things.

Got my mum to tape ‘Hogfather’ whilst I was away, just watched it. I’ve always been on at her to read one of the books if only to understad where half my references come from. Rather a good adaptation I thought – not as good as the book, but then what TV/film version is? Although this does now mean that my mum thinks I’m even weirder than before – as I said about halfway through ‘welcome to my moral compass since I was 9’. I do love those books. Anyway hope you have a merry Christmas, you deserve it if you’ve managed to read this much codswallop.

Here’s to the sun rising tomorrow ;)

December 15, 2006


Well a few more days have passed and I have finally been told where I am to be posted for the majority of 2007 (bar the few months midway where I’ll be back in Exeter), I’m off to sunny Wattisham, in Suffolk – a mere stones throw away from that den of iniquity Ipswich (hope that gets sorted soon). Apparantly it’s helicopter central so it kinda fits with what I was after proffessionally even if its bloody miles from anyone I know.

Besides that pressure mounts on the exam front, next thursday morning is the biggie, after which I can chillax for a bit – before stressing out like a stressed person for selection at the end of January.

Although having said that I have gone out twice this week and it looks like twice this weekend too, plus a Christmassy meal on the Sunday which all my classmates are helping out with. Burning the candle at both ends plus a bit in the middle then, but I’m fairly sure I’ll be sorted for the exam when it hits.

Think that about sums things up for now with the exception that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing for new years and am completely without pressies for family still, ah heck – it’s gonna be me and every other bloke in the country this Saturday at the shops.


December 10, 2006

Happenings in the wonderful world of Dave…

...not a lot.

But as its getting to be a rare occurence when I have access to the internet I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell those who care to read what I’ve been up to. Firstly there was of course the reunion at the uni which was rather cool I must say, enjoyed it for what it was a damn sight more than the first reunion when it was more the memories of the past that occupied me.

On the work front all goes swimmingly, theres a fair bit of stuff to learn and a big ole exam in 2 weeks to decide if I have a future here, but its all good. The guys’n’girls are all pretty awesome and we’ve had a few samples of the delights of Exeter so thats all good. Still don’t know where I will be posted for my training, could be northern Scotland, could be as far South as Salford. Heck theres even one just outside(ish) of Brum, although I’m not entirely sure if sticking to where I know is the best choice, anywho its out of my hands – I get what I’m given (although I have intimated a slight displeasure with the idea of Scotland (great place to visit, but remote Scotland isn’t exactly a great night out on the weekend).

Anyway I shall return to my work, before people start asking me about my ideas for things to do tonight.

Later y’all

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