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October 30, 2006

Ooh, ain't it dark?

Just walked back from the swimming pool and just took in how dark it is now that the clocks have gone back. I’ve got to say I quite like it, feels cosy in a weird way – but then I’m a child of Winter, born a week before Christmas. I understand the arguments to keep on BST throughout Winter, prolonging the sunlight into the evening when people live their lives as opposed to having light in the morning when so many of us merely ‘function’.

Mind you I guess I’m also kinda fine with it as I’m aware I’m spending the first part of my career working shifts and so will always see some sunlight during the working week, that and I’m a big bloke so am confident generally that the scariest thing in the darkness is me.

Thats all I guess, just sticking up for having dark evenings, heck its not like you can’t have fun after sundown anyhow. Besides only 52 days and the evenings start getting shorter again.

Oh yeah and for those that care the swimming went well despite a week off for the Anglesey trip.

October 29, 2006

Well, I'm back

Anglesey was nice, went walking the coast in some very nice areas. Weather was ok, even if it did pee down all wednesday, but it was otherwise good. Saw RAF Valley with jets taking off all the time, bloody noisey – wouldn’t be too surprised if the RAF were a bit unpopular with some. Also climbed the South Stack and another large hill on Anglesey which was fun. I guess I can’t really get over the views in text, and yet again no camera.

Visited Anglesey Sea Zoo (weds) and the Welsh Mountain Zoo (sat), sea zoo was ok, filled a few hours, mountain zoo was awesome – just a shame I was on my own, really a friends/family place to visit. Saw a Golden Eagle fly straight for my face hitting the mesh maybe 3’ from my face – bloody massive bird. Also saw sea lions and penguins (including feeding/tricks) and some very cute animals (I say ‘aw’ rather a lot now), again I must say zoos really aren’t designed for 1 tho.

Camping on my own again, that and driving gives you lots of time to think although sometimes I did just want someone to talk to. Got asked if I wanted to go to the Haloween Ball whilst I was halfway up South stack, bit out of the blue (text on phone), but I did go. Unfortunately not many of us turned up, only the person who organized it (cheers Liz) and my kinda ex (well it was only kinda a relationship tbh) Amelia, which was a nice surprise, nice catching up. Oh yeah also saw a stunning blonde in the Cooler, seemed she replaced Mr Dowdal in Replica X that night (I’m guessing the blame lies with Cat here, so cruel) – but seriously they absolutely rocked last night.

Eventually got to bed at 3:30am last night, before getting up a t 6:30 to go windsurfing at 10am this morning. Of course I actually got up at 5:30 forgetting last night to change my watch, so got home an hour early, which at least meant I could grab breakfast and see my brother who was visiting a week late for his brithday. Thus with 2 packed days and only 3 hours sleep between 7am Sat. and 4pm today I crashed out.

Oh yeah, the lots of thinking on the road and whilst walking. Well I guess I have some things figured out in some parts of my life – work in a fortnight I’m pretty cool with. As for my feelings for Sarah well I guess I’m just cool with staying friends for now, although I’m sure I could be a better friend than at present. Not really much more I’m comfortable saying in a public forum as its basically her life, only that I never expected her to get over anything, grief doesn’t go. I guess I just resolve to face things with an open heart, remembering the good times wherever my path takes me, don’t consign things to the past – but don’t live in it either.

October 21, 2006

Off to Anglesey!

Well I am, so it’s a good title. Not heck of a lot to say really, just thought I’d put this in as my last blog for the next week. My mum has returned from her holiday in Scotland, she wants to go back already, quite understandable given the alternative is work Monday afternoon (she works the swing shift). The house is in a fair state (had a bit of a clean earlier, but didn’t really need much). Plan for the holiday is pretty much the same as last entry.

Been keeping up with the running, quite nice to get to the end of my run on Friday with a good time, but also knowing I wasn’t going to be running again until I get back from Anglesey. Bought some boots, so my feet will survivve the walk, did Pembrokeshire coast in trainers so feet got wrecked (hence the driving home barefoot mentioned in a prior blog).

Not really a lot to add except that I hope it all goes well and I make it back safe.

Enjoy your week whatever it may entail.

October 15, 2006

Absolutely knackered

I went windsurfing today! Was a 3-hour taster session, where I covered the basics, with an option to book further training to take me up to RYA level 1 in windsurfing (already have 1&2 in dinghies) which I have readily taken up. It’s bloody knackering I’ll say that, and as for falling off – the human nose is not designed to have that much water shoved up it in such a violent fashion, but otherwise muchos fun.

Next lesson is next Sunday, and assuming that I can get the final leson the following Sunday (its weekends only there from October until March, I think) I will try to fit my Anglesey trip in between the two (means I miss a music lesson, but thats not too terrible). At the moment I’m imagining driving up on the Sunday after windsurfing, walking on Mon Tues, relax Weds (maybe visit the Sea Zoo), walking Thurs. Then move to Colwyn Bay area, walk Great Orme(sp?) and touristy things Friday, then prob visit Welsh Mountain Zoo on Saturday before driving home in the afternoon/evening. Thats the ‘plan’.

Painted the kitchen ceiling yesterday (it needed doing) after my Dad suggested it, something nice for Mum when she gets back I guess. Managed 2 runs as well as swimming (and winsurfing) this week, so feel pretty good on that front too. Food has been nice too, pushing my negligable culinary talents, although I think it’ll be cold chicken today as far too tired (and got provided lunch round my Dads which was nice).

So with that I shall return to my dozing/not doing a heck of a lot.

October 13, 2006

Whats happend to me?

I am all alone in the house for all this week and next, so I have been given the opportunity to eat like a student once more. However, I haven’t.

There’re no crisps, chocolate, very few biscuits; I eat healthy meals I actually put some thought into. If I want a snack I stare into the fridge and end up eating a slice of quiche.

I know precisely who to blame for this behavior, it was a small part of the relationship (even if I only twice tried to cook something in return, a mistake I have no doubt) but obviously one my stomache/subconscious misses. If I start making yummy puddings and cakes/biscuits its time to get worried.

Besides that, not done a lot recently. Replaced a headlight bulb on the car, topped up the oil (far too soon since its last top up for my liking) and wondered around Halfords staring at bikes I want (might be able to afford one come Spring, athough also want to upgrade/replace my computer around then). Oh yeah and have finally had a haircut – just never seems a high priority especially if not going out much. Well that was today. Music lessons are going ok, can play Hurt well now, Sunny Afternoon I’m still a way off on. Don’t know if I’m going out this weekend tbh, it just depends if friends remember me now that I’ve said I’m about, oh yeah and looking forward to windsurfing taster session on Sunday, should be cool.

October 12, 2006


Terry Pratchetts latest book is rather good, up until 3am finishing it (I know I like reading TP books all the way through, so why do I start so late in the day?)

“it’s the foldin’ o’ the arms! The foldin’ o’ the arms!
Waily waily!”

October 08, 2006


Ooh, just saw Casablanca for the first time. Good movie, probably helped by the half bottle of Merlot I’ve drunk this evening (well my mum’s started her Scottish holiday, so I thought I’d start making proper food for a bit, so naturally a good bottle goes with it). Nice to know where some of the famous lines come from. Oh yes and it was Spag-Boll I made, I know it isn’t exactly an acomplished meal, but it’s nice to actually get some results out of cooking (and avoid food poisoning too helps, perhaps why I dosed up on alcohol afterwards? Subconciously?)

Back’s stopped hurting now, can stretch without pain, so went for a run this morning, before breakfast which was a bit foolhardy. I can cycle without breakfast, but I think running is too vigourous to do without some sort of fuel in you. Things don’t hurt so much.

Apart from that, I’ve booked some windsurfing lessons and also got in touch with some friends, which was nice. Was too quiet during the summer, am reaping what I sowed then.

October 05, 2006

Looking back

Not been up to much recently, not helped by the fact that I bent over yesterday – and imediately had a feeling of trapped air in my back (ie it hurt) and now 24hrs later its fading but still there, which buggers any idea of going for a run.

So trapped at home I decided to entertain myself, and rather than scan the myspace for songs and similar, I actually searched for old friends (the emphasis on old, I’ve lost contact with them because I’ve been a crap friend over the last few years). This has got me reminiscing terribly, I didn’t really reckon myself the greatest company until I hit 6th form so my greatest friends are from that era of school – but it also meant a fair few were the year below and easy to lose touch with, which I have.

Found a few of them on myspace, lots of memories, they’ve had varying degrees of success with some getting some harsh knocks on the way. Their friends get them through though which is nice, same ones they had at school (so why didn’t I put in the effort to stay in touch with my friends?).

Anyway, I guess there’re one or two friends who I can contact and renew friendship with, as for the others I don’t really know, maybe start a myspace page and get in touch that way, or maybe just turn the page. Thing is I’m really somewhat under pressure timewise, its not easy to renew frienshps when you’re fairly local, its bloody hard when you’re off somewhere else in the country.

Two of my old friends both have Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls on their pages, a wonderful song that resonates with me atm for obvious reasons atm, one of whom says she’s going through some heartbreak atm so I guess I should realise in the non-Dave-centric world that life goes on and happens to everyone else too.

I think perhaps I’m romanticising those times as they were when I was safe, surrounded by so many friends it was weird and under no threat from the real world. Anyway, on with life, maybe it’ll contain elements of my past (either recent or deeper in the past) maybe not, but things don’t happen if you just sit staring at myspace all evening.

October 04, 2006

An excuse to try out media tags

Well theres not a lot to say since my last entry, so I thought I’d just comment on my music lesson, it was ok.

Alright, a bit more detail. Went through some basic stuff, knew most of it barr one chord, largely from the time I’ve spent learning from the internet. The end of the lesson is supposed to culminate in playing songs we’ve learnt. Being more than aware of my limitations and also the effect of stage fright I learnt the simplest song I know, although its a bit of a downer I must say I love the song – ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash, a cover of the NIN song.

However, maybe as I looked a little unconfident, I wasn’t chosen to perform. Which I suppose gives me a chance to learn something a little more ‘up’ and perhaps a little more technical. I’m toying with ‘Sunny Afternoon’ by the Kinks, a bit more adventurous, but still within limits I’d consider playing in public (I’d give Incubus’ ‘Drive’ a go in private, but you’ve gotta be kidding for an audience).

Hmm, also stumbled upon Less than jakes ‘Gainsville Rockcity’ on google vids whilst I found the guy doing the above, I do like that song, makes me smile.

Oh yes and on the off chance you haven’t seen it, heres Ok Go going nuts on treadmills…

October 02, 2006

'Welsh Holiday' or 'Going Solo'

I have returned! A nice holiday when all’s said and done. Went up to Pembrokeshire on Thursday camping at Penally, just down the road from where I’d been a few months ago doing other things. First night in a new tent is always a bit of an experiment but it was a good night, unfortunately that morning it started to rain hard overhead and I discovered a slight leak on the side door to the tent (a pain but not a massive problem). Then on Friday I left to go walking the coast from about 11 o’clock onwards (left so late as had to wait for the office to open as needed to pay for the previous night), which wasn’t so bad as the worst of the weather passed by 12:30ish. Followed the coast up to Freshwater East passing some stunning views (really wish I had a camera, all I had was my phone) and even watching the Army launch a drone from a cliftop which provided a distraction whilst eating my lunch (pot noodle, think they’ve got better since the several years its been since I last had one). After that I turned inland and got across to Pembroke Dock round about 6:15pm before catching the train back to where I started. A wonderful walk really especially along the coast, not too disheartened about the camera as I feel I may well visit the area again, though perhaps with at least someone for company (not that I really minded being on my own much tbh)

As I’d walked so far and my feet were a bit wrecked (added to because I did it in trainers so my feet got wet as I failed to find boots I liked on my way up as was my intention) I took Saturday off. So once the tent dried out I packed up and went driving.

First was a visit to Tenby and a walk down memory lane. One thing about going on holiday on your own, you definately get more than a few ‘wish you were here’ thoughts along the way. Anyway after that I looked at the map and thought what the hell, and indulged in a rather sad pasttime – I went to an amusement park on my own.

Oakwood Theme Park, £15 entry and so far into Wales even the tourists are Welsh (ok it was a bit out of season). I must confess when entering I did behave like someone looking for their friends (sad I know) but after a few minutes I realised I just had to get on with it and queue up on my own and always be the odd person out(which admitedly does allow you to jump quite a lot of queue sometimes when theres just ‘one seat left’ or similar). I must say that some of the rides were fantastic with no dud ones really, and really the only bad thing was being on my own so that I did everything if anything too quickly.

Finally I drove off to Marloes on a kind of peninsula on Northern Pembrokeshire. That night was incredibly windy, by and large I’m unfussed when in a tent because I know they make strange enough noises in the elements, but when the wind blows so hard your tent gets squashed down to one side its a little odd, although the wind did ensure that no rain settled on the side door to let water in which I guess was a bonus.

So Sunday was an earlier start, I packed up my tent (still wet, will air it here when I know the weather will hold) reasoning when I got back I wouldn’t be in the mood (and that it’d prob still be wet given the showers) and off by 9:30. The walk was anticlockwise around the coastal path to Dale before setting off inland to complete the loop. Atlantic born winds in your face all day is a bit much to take, but it was fun and I kept in good spirits along the way (it must be said though that this holiday did my habit of talking to myself absolutely no favours whatsoever). As I wandered about I did get to thinking in my way that being a nice peninsular with a reasonable port open which couldn’t really mount much resistance that it’d be a good place to invade the country from (don’t ask me why I thought this I just occasionally consider things like that), and then maybe an hour later I pass a memorial which signified another great military genius who happened to agree with me, Henry Tudor landed there before working his way to Bosworth Field (oh my that just rang up another memory, anyway…) depriving Richard III of his horse and becoming Henry VII.

Having finished the walk, again with wet feet and dirty clothes I changed into what I had clean to drive back home in – t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops (although I drove barefoot, have no idea how anyone can drive in flip flops even tho I’ve seen it done, barefoot is nice anyhow, you really feel what the car is up to). Suffice to say I got some odd looks at service stations dressed for Summer in cold miserable weather flip-flopping my way across the forecourt. Was very tired on way back as drove staright off the back of walking, so lots of stops (at one asking for a large latte, which turned out to be approx a pint of coffee, whichhad me bouncing in the car for the next 2.5 hours (nb, bounce up and down whilst driving, side to side starts to sffect the old direction you’re heading in), finally got home at about 10:30 last night absolutely knackered.

Good time overall.

Besides that I’ve been swimming again today, have upped it to 30 lengths since my post suggesting the idea. First time after increasing it I was alost dead, rang up memories of various friends through the years and how they’ve been when comming back from the pool after 40-100 lengths – the comparison does me no favours, but got better this time.

Oh yes and on the work front all bar one of my future workmates have emailed each other to introduce themselves and it appears I am indeed the youngest there, all having done something else before (including one who served on the British Antarctic Survey! Lucky guy). The one who hasn’t replied? Wel I googled their name and there’s already someone of that name in the organization, so I reckon they’re the internal applicant who got the job, thus also older than me. Hehe, not too bothered really, but I guess it’ll be interesting.

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