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April 08, 2007


It’s a strange old thing, but I swear I am now more so now than for quite some time. I’m back home with my friends, I’ve achieved something like closure on an old issue (such a cliche, but hope sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be ya’know?) plus I’m off to sunny Exeter to be paid to learn for a few months, absolutely frickin’ awesome.

Yeah I don’t have quite everything I want, but who the hell does? Besides, the things you really want, you go out and get – so I bloody well shall. So, not a lot else to say ‘cept off to a house party tomorrow (which isn’t a house party apparantly because we’re too old for that now (tell that to the girls I went out with a few weeks ago!)) which ought to be good.

Oh yeah, prep for half marathon going not too well, no running since being home, but did set a pb for going round the airfield before I left Ipswich, so not too bad.

April 02, 2007

Another entry

Bored, thus I blog.

Went to London on the weekend to watch the HORR and go to a party. HORR was good met up with some friends and chatted about stuff, saw a few boats sink (lots of safety boats around so it’s funny) as it was too windy to race, a fact which was quickly realised as boats came back at a more sedate pace once it was cancelled.

Party was good fun too, only knew the birthday girl (well one of them) but was madeto feel universally welcome which was cool. Sunday was staggering to Liverpool street station, taking a bit of a touristy diversion at times, before heading back to sunny Ipswich (was too, especially today, gorgeous day it were).

Besides that alls good here. Back to Exeter soon which’ll be fun. There’re a few things playing on my mind which I have a feeling won’t have me dancing in the streets when I conclude them – but I reckon as there’s little I can do about them for now it’d be foolish to dwell on things from the past and how little I can do about them for now.

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