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February 28, 2007

Meanderings of a mind

It’s been a funny old day today, basically I’m on night shift tonight so I spent the first half of the day in town, including a brief visit to an internet cafe just to make sure that my hotmail account didn’t delete itself, so I got to catch up on some things, plus wandering around town alone generally sends my mind off wondering itself.

I guess it just got me thinking, some good stuff, some sad stuff and a few musings over what the future will hold. Some of it was personnal, some more proffessional, some linked, I guess I just got to wondering what I really want. It doesn’t help that I have little idea about where my permanent station will be in the new year, although I was reassured by the fact I could make ipswich to nottingham in around 3 hours including a break at the services (admittedly basically due to the A14, but even when restricted to 60mph roads you can’t help but remember this is a small country – not hard to be at one place when you finish work and another when people are heading out onto the town), basically geography shouldn’t be too much of a barrier to communications with friends etc.

Night flying has ceased for the night so rest of the shift looks fairly simplistic tonight, just gotta march on through to 8am now (although lunch is effectively collapsing into a bed for an hour or two)

Not a lot to say really, one of my more cathartic entries I guess, only other things happening in my life are a possible swing round back home on the weekend and perhaps a run into Cambridge the weekend after, oh yes and prep for the Exeter half marathon goes appalingly badly – will try to rectify at some point.


February 15, 2007

What's in the sky?

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

It’s a bloody cloud you nit.

Thats the long way of saying that I’ve passed my observing exam and technically am now on course to continue with forecasting training, taking closer to a year rather than the few weeks it took to get this far. The place where I work is great, good guys in the office, great ones in the accomodation. Ipswich isn’t as bad either (barring the recent murders (and not just the prostitutes)) as I’d been led to expect, mind you when it’s Pompey setting the bar I suppose the competition ain’t so fierce.

Besides that not a lot to say, ‘cept meeting some guys from uni this weekend which’ll be cool. Oh yeah and no valentines, which isn’t much of a surprise really as I’ve been far too mobile recently to gain any affections, let alone cheesy devotion.

I shall blog again when I have something to say.

Well ok maybe before then, else It’d be ages till the next one no doubt.

February 02, 2007

Random update

Well it’s been a while since I updated this, basically because I was worrying like crazy over something and wasn’t about to bore the random masses with the intricacies of my career prospects. Suffice to say the selection process is over and I find out if they think me good enough in the next few weeks, it’s not the end of the world if they say try again next year (although that would screw me over a bit) but if it’s an assessment aying ‘try in 2 years’ or ‘never darken our doors again’ I is screwed totally and may have to alter the grand plan a tad.

In other news the old Micra died a death when the bearings went in the gearbox, followed about a week later with half my gearbox dropping onto the M3 and the gearstick feeling like it was stuck in rubble, car would only budge if the clutch was down after that, even if it was in neutral. Anyway as luck would have it my mum was about to sell her Skoda Fabia for an automatic as her knees and elbows aren’t up to a manual anymore, so I stepped smartly in and got a very nice deal on ‘family rates’ to get a car I would otherwise have had to save for over the next few months.

Besides that work continues with training (even though my long-term position is a lil wavy atm), and I’m decamping to Ipswich as of Monday, so that’ll be fun. Also as it’s an outstation and actually achieves something it will technically be the first time I’ve actually done anything productive since starting work in November, heh.

About sums it up I guess, I may well blog when settled in Ipswich although I’ve nafc if internet is viable where I’m staying, guess there’s always work during a dull night shift if I get desperate.

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