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November 25, 2005

Moi, myself and Crystal

So, as I don't have anything written about myself I thought I may as well and do it here

Name: Crystal (no, I'm not an exotic dancer)

Age: 21 (and growing younger)

Where do i come from: Kent/ South East London Massive

Hair colour: Dark brown (yes, that's right, poo coloured, as somebody once told me)

Eye colour: Dark brown (poo coloured also)

Hobbies: Erm, netball. Yeah, that's right. Socialising when I want to..

Subject: Maths and Physics (I'm in my 4th year, because I love my subject so much!)

Pet hates: Erm, not having enough food! The person that's lying in my bed(will be kicked off there soon to the more comfortable place of the floor).

I love: ASDA's cream of tomato soup. Um mm. Tastes so good.

Can't think of anything else to put down at 2:30 ish am. Too tired.

Please leave any messages after the beep.


November 24, 2005

My blog

This is my blog.
Thought I should write something in here as I've had it for over 6 weeks.
Enjoy it – but hopefully not too much.