August 14, 2007

What I Did On My Holidays…

Well I’m back from a week off, relaxed and refreshed (wasn’t really stessed before but shifts take their toll) – weathers decided to turn all messy to welcome me back which is a bit of a pain, but heck, it’s what I’m here for.

Well as to the subject of this post (kudos if you get where I take the title from). Good week overall, I stand by my comment that this is a small country but Portsmouth to Stirling is not perhaps a journey I’d reccomend on a regular basis, but definitely a lot of scenery.

Started off down Swanage with my bro and dad for the last day of the carnival (bit of a regular thing with us), great fireworks, bit of golf and the ‘alt blues’ band were pretty cool too (bought their CDs). Then a few days round Portsmouth seeing friends and strolling around the city.

Then came Tuesday and the big trip. Picked the cat up from the cattery after a months incarceration, dosed up on Prozac for the journey (the cat not me), and off we went. The cat basically was normal after about 20 mins, and then began meowing (odd for a basically silent cat) – for 8 hours. I let him out twice on the way so he could stretch and tried to stop quite regularly but not bad overall (ok I confess I speeded for a fair while, but then it was rare that my speed was unusual for the other cars. Mum seems quite happy up in Scotland, Stirling not quite what she’s after so a move to the Highlands probably in the next 12 months. For my part Stirling seems great, hills just next door (had a good hike) and a proper town with clubs, pubs, shops, history too. Her new place is nice, no cat flap which will be a bit difficult, especially now the cat seems to have learnt to meow.

Then it was down to Ripon to check out Dishforth/Harrogate as thats where I’m off come December.Ripon is a bit small but Harrogate looks great so I’m quite looking forward to that. It’s a bit odd but being Southern in the North didn’t feel particularly out of place, but in Scotland I was well aware I was in a different country (I may insist on being called British, but theres no denying sometimes you can only be English), not unwelcome, just aware of difference. Also a lot of beautiful women [always had a soft spot for a little Celtish look, can trace that back to a pretty girl I knew way back (yr6 I think) who I consistantly fancied through school (though not my major crush I confess) come a sixth form party the girl actually sat and talked to me – whether just curious or chatting me up I don’t know, as I was drunk as a Lord and slid under the table, she then left, oh dear (whereever you are I apologise Miss Kendall)], and not many bottle blonds either.

So then I returned here, saw a couple on super cars on Sunday and prepared for work today. Good things about today, booked some windsurfing lessons (I’ll get there eventually), not so great I changed doc so as I can get my knee checked as it’s been niggling for months now and I need to know how serious it is ie can I run? 1/2 marathon? fit for RAF?

We’ll see

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