June 03, 2007

Revision, water, pain, booze and women – what more could you want from a week?

Sitting in work atm (only way of getting online don’cha know?) revising for the big ole exams in a fortnight, before doing a little simulated forecasting and then heading back to sunny Ipswich come August.

Spent last weekend (you know the windy and rainy one) camping over in Croyde which was good fun, learnt the basics of surfing, did some kayaking, coasteering and being dragged behind a power boat in the wind and rain (great fun, basically a challenge to hang on) – whilst also consuming an indecent quantity of rum.

The last week of work has been ok, had a mates birthday on Tuesday which involved a certain amount of partying, rolled backwards over a sofa when someone told me to (what can I say, I’m easilly led) which resulted in me bashing my knee and limping for the rest of the week, still am a lil bit. Not fantastic news considering I began windsurfing lessons again ( I reckon I’d like to be planing before I head off to Ipswich) on Saturday, but I Ibuprofened up and did it anyway, twere awesome. Although having also worn a wetsuit in Croyde I now have a marked tan on my hands, feet (slight burn actually) and face.

So with red face and hands I went off to a friends birthday who was apparantly trying the Topsham 10 (you can prob guess) but that got to about 5 and a few shots before taking the train into Exeter. Where upon a bouncer took offence at something, barred us entry to a club I wasn’t too keen on, and so off we went once more to the Cavern, happy days all round.

Oh yes, the unmistakable highlight of the evening. Met a great girl, chatted for ages (always good when you know you could hear someone talk for ages and stay interested) flirted and eventually kissed (first time in far too long). Always being backwards at being forwards I could’ve gone for a kiss much earlier, and a bloody phone number, but I guess I’m just going to have to see if I can get in contact and find out if it was a one night only affair or if there’s a chance of a date. Oh yeah and another mate told me ‘purely to boost your ego’ that some other girl thinks I’m quite fit, so naturally my head’s expanded to doorframe challenging proportions today – finding it hard to revise too, hmmm.

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  1. Gav

    Dave’s head hasn’t been big for ages. Winnage!

    03 Jun 2007, 21:04

  2. Rachel

    I’ve got your number my boy.

    25 Oct 2007, 00:55

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