November 12, 2006

"Hi–ho, hi–ho….

Yup, it’s finally happend, off to the real (or Ordinary, heh) world, I’ve got a job. Gotta shift all my stuff over there now, so frantic packing of forgotten items starts in a mo.

Not particularly nervous but should be interesting, hope it is, heck I hope I enjoy it lots.

Anyway thats all, might be without internet for a while, but otherwise cool.

Later y’all

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  1. Have fun! Hope to hear about it soon.

    12 Nov 2006, 11:31

  2. Ian

    We do have internet in Devon Dave!!

    12 Nov 2006, 19:04

  3. when was it introduced over there? last time i went i’m sure there wasnt internet

    12 Nov 2006, 22:25

  4. Ian

    We got phone lines about 2 months ago, and so you can get dial-up internet over them. 56kbps baby!!

    13 Nov 2006, 09:58

  5. Have fun meht.
    Also… for some reason… I predict you having boxes of stuff that you’ll never unpack

    13 Nov 2006, 15:34

  6. Meeeee!

    Well actually I have unpacked all my stuff, by virtue of the tiny quantities I could actually fit into Micra. But then again I don’t think I’ve entirely unpacked all my uni stuff at home yet and I’ve had best part of 4 months.

    As for internet, well there’re about 2 computers at work I can use (ie what I’m on right now) and getting a 56k modem would invoolve setting up a phone line too, as my current abode, whilst nice, is somewhat limited in what is set up. Plus hey its only 6 weeks.

    As for what these 6 weeks consist of I merely point you towards the fact that at uni you pay over a grand to be taught, here they pay you a damn sight more and theres nought to do but learn for six weeks, having said that, I think I like it.

    Will blog/email or similar later in the week.

    14 Nov 2006, 13:42

  7. Ian

    So Dave, what is the primary mechanism for the spin-down of a baroclinic cyclone?

    14 Nov 2006, 18:34

  8. I know this one!
    It’s a fist in the face of a smart arse.
    Be warned, PhD boy.

    14 Nov 2006, 21:40

  9. Dave

    First six weeks is the observing course, thus little in the way of theories I’m hardly likely to touch unless I move about in the office. Would put arsey comment but hey, Gav beat me to it.

    Seriously tho, all continues apace and enjoying it, hope going similarly well with those who’re still reading this too…

    15 Nov 2006, 13:22

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