October 31, 2007

Another chance to not work seized upon…

Right, been bleedin’ ages since the last time I’ve updated this, and for all the times I’ve thought ‘hmm, that’ll do ok for a blog’ I’ve completely failed to do so and in fact can’t remember any of them. Anywho, what am I up to?

Well almost finished the training as a forecaster, being sent to Yorkshire on completion. To prep for the second bout of training I’m starting up on the frequent runs and doing 100 press-ups, sit-ups and squats – absolute bugger doing them after a day shift let me tell you.

Got RYA level 3 in windsurfing, which was fun, might delay until the summer on pursuing that further, being kept rather busy work wise until then. Erm… well, thats about it I guess, couple of trips up to Scotland to see my mum since she decided to go north too, Stirling is a great lil place, I’ll be up there come new year too, so we’ll see if I divert to Edinbourgh or not.

Moving to the York/Harrogate area is playing on my mind, due to moving around quite so much I’ve been somewhat unable to set up much of a social life which didn’t depend entirely on the mess, a major problem recently as the mess has grown quieter round here, guess it’s just been the first time for a long time where I’m looking at moving to an area where I either don’t have an established group of friends or at least the knowledge that there’ll be people of similar age to me at work (current office I was youngest by over a decade until a week or two ago), ach I’m moaning. I know I’ll get a social cirlcle fast enough so long as I get my arse in gear and don’t mope in my room, not something I’m prone to, although finding like minded fools to go to rock clubs and gigs is generally a little harder.

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  1. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirmingham

    31 Oct 2007, 23:28

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