November 25, 2006

2 weeks in….

Well it all seems to be going rather well atm, finished the first part of the course and passed the assessment to be basically the assistant of the position I’m eventually training for, now start on the forecasting related subjects, suffice to say it gets a tad harder from now on.

The guys here are all pretty cool, variety of backgrounds. Reading blogs just now has been… interesting, nothing like being out of the collective loop for a while (waaagh I want msn at home – oh well 4 more weeks). Been told a little about what happens to me in Jan and beyond so thats cool, although a lot still depends on where I am to be posted for the out station periods of my training. [there’s absolutely no flow to that paragraph at all is there?]

Besides that I’m all good, had a few slight variations on the home sickness theme, more for uni than home tbh, though I think of there too, but a ramshackle reunion should make things right on that front.

Well the weekends a’wasting so I guess I’ll head off and explore a bit.


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  1. There are these new fangled things called mobiles. I believe you have one :p Or is the west country so far behind that there are no mobile masts?

    Will be good to see everyone again next week though, have to agree.

    26 Nov 2006, 13:08

  2. Ian

    No mobile masts, internet only on weekends, hot water once a week….......

    26 Nov 2006, 16:50

  3. Oi Hayter. I was just thinking about texting you or summink.
    Where the heck are you anyway?

    26 Nov 2006, 23:33

  4. Dave

    I is in sunny/rainy/windy/overcast Exeter. I do indeed have a mobile, just never seem to think I have anything worth talking about so I don’t call much.

    Will find out my training station soon, anywhere from north of scotland to essex, hmm we’ll see.

    Have been drinking at work! wahey! The French have invaded for a few days to have a look round – nice people (stylish girls – even though its a geek profession how do they do it?) although conversation generally stagnates into ‘so have you ever been to…...’

    I shall be off now, sees all at the end of the week – should be able to make it to uni about 7ish as its ‘revision’ friday after3:30 so should be able to make a swift exit

    27 Nov 2006, 17:22

  5. Oi oi! Exeter?! I’m going to be racing in Exeter on saturday week!
    Support from an old novice buddy is a must.

    27 Nov 2006, 23:49

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