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October 29, 2006

Well, I'm back

Anglesey was nice, went walking the coast in some very nice areas. Weather was ok, even if it did pee down all wednesday, but it was otherwise good. Saw RAF Valley with jets taking off all the time, bloody noisey – wouldn’t be too surprised if the RAF were a bit unpopular with some. Also climbed the South Stack and another large hill on Anglesey which was fun. I guess I can’t really get over the views in text, and yet again no camera.

Visited Anglesey Sea Zoo (weds) and the Welsh Mountain Zoo (sat), sea zoo was ok, filled a few hours, mountain zoo was awesome – just a shame I was on my own, really a friends/family place to visit. Saw a Golden Eagle fly straight for my face hitting the mesh maybe 3’ from my face – bloody massive bird. Also saw sea lions and penguins (including feeding/tricks) and some very cute animals (I say ‘aw’ rather a lot now), again I must say zoos really aren’t designed for 1 tho.

Camping on my own again, that and driving gives you lots of time to think although sometimes I did just want someone to talk to. Got asked if I wanted to go to the Haloween Ball whilst I was halfway up South stack, bit out of the blue (text on phone), but I did go. Unfortunately not many of us turned up, only the person who organized it (cheers Liz) and my kinda ex (well it was only kinda a relationship tbh) Amelia, which was a nice surprise, nice catching up. Oh yeah also saw a stunning blonde in the Cooler, seemed she replaced Mr Dowdal in Replica X that night (I’m guessing the blame lies with Cat here, so cruel) – but seriously they absolutely rocked last night.

Eventually got to bed at 3:30am last night, before getting up a t 6:30 to go windsurfing at 10am this morning. Of course I actually got up at 5:30 forgetting last night to change my watch, so got home an hour early, which at least meant I could grab breakfast and see my brother who was visiting a week late for his brithday. Thus with 2 packed days and only 3 hours sleep between 7am Sat. and 4pm today I crashed out.

Oh yeah, the lots of thinking on the road and whilst walking. Well I guess I have some things figured out in some parts of my life – work in a fortnight I’m pretty cool with. As for my feelings for Sarah well I guess I’m just cool with staying friends for now, although I’m sure I could be a better friend than at present. Not really much more I’m comfortable saying in a public forum as its basically her life, only that I never expected her to get over anything, grief doesn’t go. I guess I just resolve to face things with an open heart, remembering the good times wherever my path takes me, don’t consign things to the past – but don’t live in it either.

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