October 31, 2007

Another chance to not work seized upon…

Right, been bleedin’ ages since the last time I’ve updated this, and for all the times I’ve thought ‘hmm, that’ll do ok for a blog’ I’ve completely failed to do so and in fact can’t remember any of them. Anywho, what am I up to?

Well almost finished the training as a forecaster, being sent to Yorkshire on completion. To prep for the second bout of training I’m starting up on the frequent runs and doing 100 press-ups, sit-ups and squats – absolute bugger doing them after a day shift let me tell you.

Got RYA level 3 in windsurfing, which was fun, might delay until the summer on pursuing that further, being kept rather busy work wise until then. Erm… well, thats about it I guess, couple of trips up to Scotland to see my mum since she decided to go north too, Stirling is a great lil place, I’ll be up there come new year too, so we’ll see if I divert to Edinbourgh or not.

Moving to the York/Harrogate area is playing on my mind, due to moving around quite so much I’ve been somewhat unable to set up much of a social life which didn’t depend entirely on the mess, a major problem recently as the mess has grown quieter round here, guess it’s just been the first time for a long time where I’m looking at moving to an area where I either don’t have an established group of friends or at least the knowledge that there’ll be people of similar age to me at work (current office I was youngest by over a decade until a week or two ago), ach I’m moaning. I know I’ll get a social cirlcle fast enough so long as I get my arse in gear and don’t mope in my room, not something I’m prone to, although finding like minded fools to go to rock clubs and gigs is generally a little harder.

September 13, 2007

Bored – I know

Well it’s been a while since I updated this so I reckon it’s about time. Might be one of the final times too as I’m fairly sure my membership of WGA lapses soon thus severing me from my blog – question is do I retain my membership and the blog? Begin ranting on Facebook? Or perhaps cease my ranting in general and merely moan in the direction of friends?

Anywho, I’ll just have to assume when WGA want more cash they’ll say. For now what have I to report? Well the doc said my knee was ok, gave me an x-ray and got told it was an old fracture to my knee. Basically meaning I bust it back in May but was too stubborn to check it out, but it seems to have healed well. Half marathon was done in 1:40 (I initially thought 1:38, but according to my chip my £5.99 cheapo watch was wrong – shock horror).

Windsurfing goes well, have booked a course which’ll take me to level 3 by RYA reckoning, a point at which I hope to be able to decide as to whether I wish to splash out on all the gear I’d need. (Pun unintended, but now I see it I quite like it. Why are puns always excused? Why don’t you ever see ‘pun intended – hilarious innit?’ after something?)

On the work front all goes well enough. Unfortunately after I qualify it looks like I’m to be sent around the country for a while rather than straight to a permanent base, so thats me living out of a suitcase of no fixed abode for best part of 6 months (2 months roaming, 3 doing training residentially, though not massively comfortably I suspect, then finally settling – hopefully)

I’m sure I’ll enjoy it anyway.

August 14, 2007

What I Did On My Holidays…

Well I’m back from a week off, relaxed and refreshed (wasn’t really stessed before but shifts take their toll) – weathers decided to turn all messy to welcome me back which is a bit of a pain, but heck, it’s what I’m here for.

Well as to the subject of this post (kudos if you get where I take the title from). Good week overall, I stand by my comment that this is a small country but Portsmouth to Stirling is not perhaps a journey I’d reccomend on a regular basis, but definitely a lot of scenery.

Started off down Swanage with my bro and dad for the last day of the carnival (bit of a regular thing with us), great fireworks, bit of golf and the ‘alt blues’ band were pretty cool too (bought their CDs). Then a few days round Portsmouth seeing friends and strolling around the city.

Then came Tuesday and the big trip. Picked the cat up from the cattery after a months incarceration, dosed up on Prozac for the journey (the cat not me), and off we went. The cat basically was normal after about 20 mins, and then began meowing (odd for a basically silent cat) – for 8 hours. I let him out twice on the way so he could stretch and tried to stop quite regularly but not bad overall (ok I confess I speeded for a fair while, but then it was rare that my speed was unusual for the other cars. Mum seems quite happy up in Scotland, Stirling not quite what she’s after so a move to the Highlands probably in the next 12 months. For my part Stirling seems great, hills just next door (had a good hike) and a proper town with clubs, pubs, shops, history too. Her new place is nice, no cat flap which will be a bit difficult, especially now the cat seems to have learnt to meow.

Then it was down to Ripon to check out Dishforth/Harrogate as thats where I’m off come December.Ripon is a bit small but Harrogate looks great so I’m quite looking forward to that. It’s a bit odd but being Southern in the North didn’t feel particularly out of place, but in Scotland I was well aware I was in a different country (I may insist on being called British, but theres no denying sometimes you can only be English), not unwelcome, just aware of difference. Also a lot of beautiful women [always had a soft spot for a little Celtish look, can trace that back to a pretty girl I knew way back (yr6 I think) who I consistantly fancied through school (though not my major crush I confess) come a sixth form party the girl actually sat and talked to me – whether just curious or chatting me up I don’t know, as I was drunk as a Lord and slid under the table, she then left, oh dear (whereever you are I apologise Miss Kendall)], and not many bottle blonds either.

So then I returned here, saw a couple on super cars on Sunday and prepared for work today. Good things about today, booked some windsurfing lessons (I’ll get there eventually), not so great I changed doc so as I can get my knee checked as it’s been niggling for months now and I need to know how serious it is ie can I run? 1/2 marathon? fit for RAF?

We’ll see

July 16, 2007

Just up the Road

Got a spare moment so I thought I’d just say that after passing up going to the air tattoo, or a Summer Ball – I had an awesome weekend just meeting up with uni pals. Finished up just feeling generally happy, just completely relaxed and chilled with friends, can’t be overrated.

Also got to wander round Brum for a bit including the sea life centre (otters rock, Sea turtles bloody cool too (or should that be ‘totally awesome and like bodacious dude!’ – Finding Nemo has a lot to answer for)) and watching the latest Potter film too, pretty good a lil cliched in parts but then so was the book.

And all just 2 and a bit hours down the A14/M6 – nice seeing quite how small this country is (makes it ok in my mind to be moving to Yorkshire come end of year – 4 hours North or South to my Mum or Dad respectively – friends scatterd between those extremes). Oh yeah and I really hate the number of cameras on the A14, and where there’re stripes but no camera is just plain annoying.

July 06, 2007

Back again

Well I’m drawing to the close of my first night shift back and it’s gone alright, there’s a stonking great whole in the clouds which makes my forecast look shite – but a glance at the horizon and satelite puts my mind at ease. Life is good, most of my mates from last time are away now so the social life is alittle quieter than I’d grown accustomed to, but then again there’s plenty opportunity to make up for that.

Went wandering in Ipswich before shift, I’m sure there weren’t so many good looking women here in February (although I’m of the opinion there’d be more if they smiled more, dour lot). 3 possibillities by my mind, 1) there really has been an influx of the young and the beautiful, 2) Summer changes the female wardrobe and attitude much to the good, or 3) I really have become more desperate in the last few months. I’m going for a combination of options 2 & 3.

Not a lot else to report really, I can but hope for more to report soon. Perhaps a meet with friends from uni (or if that falls through maybe last minute attendance of the summer ball here – the two clash unfortunately, but you’ve gotta keep up with the old friends or there’s no point in getting new ones).


June 03, 2007

Revision, water, pain, booze and women – what more could you want from a week?

Sitting in work atm (only way of getting online don’cha know?) revising for the big ole exams in a fortnight, before doing a little simulated forecasting and then heading back to sunny Ipswich come August.

Spent last weekend (you know the windy and rainy one) camping over in Croyde which was good fun, learnt the basics of surfing, did some kayaking, coasteering and being dragged behind a power boat in the wind and rain (great fun, basically a challenge to hang on) – whilst also consuming an indecent quantity of rum.

The last week of work has been ok, had a mates birthday on Tuesday which involved a certain amount of partying, rolled backwards over a sofa when someone told me to (what can I say, I’m easilly led) which resulted in me bashing my knee and limping for the rest of the week, still am a lil bit. Not fantastic news considering I began windsurfing lessons again ( I reckon I’d like to be planing before I head off to Ipswich) on Saturday, but I Ibuprofened up and did it anyway, twere awesome. Although having also worn a wetsuit in Croyde I now have a marked tan on my hands, feet (slight burn actually) and face.

So with red face and hands I went off to a friends birthday who was apparantly trying the Topsham 10 (you can prob guess) but that got to about 5 and a few shots before taking the train into Exeter. Where upon a bouncer took offence at something, barred us entry to a club I wasn’t too keen on, and so off we went once more to the Cavern, happy days all round.

Oh yes, the unmistakable highlight of the evening. Met a great girl, chatted for ages (always good when you know you could hear someone talk for ages and stay interested) flirted and eventually kissed (first time in far too long). Always being backwards at being forwards I could’ve gone for a kiss much earlier, and a bloody phone number, but I guess I’m just going to have to see if I can get in contact and find out if it was a one night only affair or if there’s a chance of a date. Oh yeah and another mate told me ‘purely to boost your ego’ that some other girl thinks I’m quite fit, so naturally my head’s expanded to doorframe challenging proportions today – finding it hard to revise too, hmmm.

May 23, 2007

Carrying on

I thought I’d write an entry for that good old reason that it’s been ages since the last, that and I’ve nought to do at the moment having just given a brief presentation (went well).

Erm, well after all my ranting about half marathons I did the Exeter one in 1:36 which isn’t too shabby by my standards, and now there’s little to prepare for barring the windsurf training I’ve booked (started in October, so thought I’d see if I still like it before spending a load on equipment) and another half in Bristol come September.

Also I suppose I’d like to be better at general fitness before returning to the station in August so I don’t look too out of place too much (that and I’d quite like to beat some of the ergo scores people have set here at the office)

Ooh an offer of a lift… gotta go.

April 08, 2007


It’s a strange old thing, but I swear I am now more so now than for quite some time. I’m back home with my friends, I’ve achieved something like closure on an old issue (such a cliche, but hope sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be ya’know?) plus I’m off to sunny Exeter to be paid to learn for a few months, absolutely frickin’ awesome.

Yeah I don’t have quite everything I want, but who the hell does? Besides, the things you really want, you go out and get – so I bloody well shall. So, not a lot else to say ‘cept off to a house party tomorrow (which isn’t a house party apparantly because we’re too old for that now (tell that to the girls I went out with a few weeks ago!)) which ought to be good.

Oh yeah, prep for half marathon going not too well, no running since being home, but did set a pb for going round the airfield before I left Ipswich, so not too bad.

April 02, 2007

Another entry

Bored, thus I blog.

Went to London on the weekend to watch the HORR and go to a party. HORR was good met up with some friends and chatted about stuff, saw a few boats sink (lots of safety boats around so it’s funny) as it was too windy to race, a fact which was quickly realised as boats came back at a more sedate pace once it was cancelled.

Party was good fun too, only knew the birthday girl (well one of them) but was madeto feel universally welcome which was cool. Sunday was staggering to Liverpool street station, taking a bit of a touristy diversion at times, before heading back to sunny Ipswich (was too, especially today, gorgeous day it were).

Besides that alls good here. Back to Exeter soon which’ll be fun. There’re a few things playing on my mind which I have a feeling won’t have me dancing in the streets when I conclude them – but I reckon as there’s little I can do about them for now it’d be foolish to dwell on things from the past and how little I can do about them for now.

March 28, 2007

Start of Summer

It’s summer! Hey- hey, been going into dinner and it’s light outside, awesome. Wandered around Ipswich at 4-5pm and was very chilled watching everyone leave work (I love working shifts, get random times of the day off – although bit of a bummer that all my mates are at work (nice though when the weekend starts Friday morning and not evening, this weekend too actually)). Summer the time when, lets face it, women look all the better for Springtime wear. Am reminded of an old piece of advice – get your girlfriend in the Winter and it just keeps getting better as the year progresses – get her in the Summer….

Funny really as I seem to recall writing an entry saying how great going into Wintertime was – I guess I just enjoy the moment. Oh yes one negative of Summertime, it’s a right bugger having an office that runs on UST (Zulu time) when the rest of the world (including lunch/dinnertimes) works on Local (still start/finish on local times, just disorientating whilst in).

This time last year the centre of my life was a teacher (well trainee at that time) and I was in regular contact with 1 or two others, but only now do I feel the loss of these close contacts so poignantly – yes I’m faced with one of the great questions in life…

What the hell do I do with all these bloody Tesco vouchers??!!!

Erm, anything else? Well I’m approaching the end of my first stint in Ipswich now, start 4 months of Exeter soon (basically academic training at HQ), so I’m off (temporarily at least) before returnng for Aug-Nov.

There’s more to say I guess, but that’ll do for now. ‘Cept London this weekend, watch the HORR, then a birthday party, wahey!

edit: CAKE! CAKE!! There’s cake in the office! Hurrah! (Just thought I’d keep you all updated on the important events in my life ;) )

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