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January 11, 2012

P2 final entry

This will be my final blog entry for the Warwick Portfoli Skills award workshop P2 Becoming more Assertive.

I have now failed and suceeded to continue practicing the falling head level intonation especially when occupied with academic matters but have increasingly given it more thought with interviews and other job applucations getting closer. My body language has improved steadily though as I have forsaken the habit of crossing hands in front of me except on soem very stressful occasions. I address people clearly and maintain eye contact so as not to make anyone think im not interested in what theyre saying. Overall I think this has been one of the best workshops and I am definitely going to continue administering the lessons I learnt in those three hours.

Tutor: Bev Walshe

P2 reflective entry

Looking back i have realized the value of body language when it comes to communication. There have been cases when I have seen the effects by changing my body posture and intonation on purpose to get a response and others where i dont do anything and i still get people to think of me in a certain way. I am trying to get in regular practice for interviews for internship applications in order to present a proffesional image; although I have not done any practice at all. So hopefully the career oppurtunities from the interviews should give me some motivation to continue practcing.

Tutor: Bev Walshe

November 02, 2011

P2 Reflective Entry

Looking back I believe I have been enable to enact my action plan. Although I havent been able to preventmyself from making gestures such as stretching due to tiredness out of habit. Despite this I try to engage with others by trying to keep the right body posture most importantly and the falling tail intonation pattern has been practiced to some effect; although I believe much more practice is required before actual progress is made.

Tutor: Bev Walshe

October 26, 2011

Action plan

After having attended the workshop entitled P2 Becoming more assertive I have come up with a four point action plan for the coming four weeks so as to act on what I have experienced and ascertaned during the workshop. Those points are as follows:

1. To remain in eye contact with a person for the entirety of our conversation at least once in any conversation with anyone during the day.

2. To always refrain from using closed gestures and keep my natural posture which was discussed during the workshop.

3. Practice the level head falling tail intonation pattern with peers and experiment to see the effects and try to improve my ability to use it effectively.

In general I thoguht I came out of the workshop with a lot more than expected and would recommend more people do this whilst they have the chance. I learned what it truly means to be assertive and the stereotypes that are associated with it which I shall try my best not to confse from now on

Tutor: Bev Walshe

Date: 19-10-11

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