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April 19, 2012

Final entry for Warwick Skills Portfolio Award

My journey to achieve this award has been an interesting and rewarding one and yes (very cliché) I found out a lot about myself. I’ve chosen to write my final entry in the structure of the reflective learning bookmark we got from the workshops to show in very simple terms my personal development.

What did I do well and not so well?

I believe I put my experiences across well when it came to the blogging after a slight nudge in the right direction at first by one of the tutors. I think that it is a tool for later life which can be used in workplace to analyaze your performance; this can be in short run on projects or in the long run for example what you have contributed to the company. I found that I wasn’t really that involved when it came to my participation in the workshop however and that I was maybe not so open. I believe that I could improve on this in the future by sitting down and discussing this emotional issue with a close friend or acquaintance. I take this from my action plan on the P6 Emotional Intelligence workshop. I found it to be an effective action point and I am sure if I implement it I will see results in this situation as well.

How do I feel about it?

Put shortly I feel good about it. I was never taking a negative attitude towards anything. I found everything we talked about useful; some things more so than others. In terms of my ambition for going for the award I believe that I have actually developed through doing the blogs and am now able to talk with confidence on a number of skill topics; I have found this really satisfying because it’s something that stays with you and will benefit me in the future for my career.

Is there anything I want to stop doing?

Well not really. Basically I gave it some good thought and basically I’ve realized that a lot of the activities I took in my action points have become habit now. It all comes together in the P7 Organising Yourself and your time workshop. I sit down approximately every 3 months and write down a list of everything that I need done and prioritise the tasks according to Urgency and Importance. This includes things like attending networking events and careers session to increase my knowledge of careers skills with regard to the P9 workshop as well as limiting my social networking time by going on in the morning which is realistic and frees up more time for other activities.

What could I start doing?

I believe that when it comes to my career I haven’t really researched or given it some serious thought. I generally tend to reply to my career ambitions that I want to the financial sector. This leaves a lot to be said and a lot to be done when it comes to applications. By paying attention towards a certain sector or profession it can make it easier to bring across your motivation for applying and what your ambitions are because you’ve done your research. I am going to put this on my list of things I want to get done during the summer after completing my exams.

Could I try something different?

I’ve been attending workshops and I intend to do on future on academic and personal skills. However, I think it’s about time I tried to use them and get involved a bit more actively with societies and help organise and market events. Marketing is something I really want to try as well and I enjoy talking to people.

What and who will help me develop my learning further?

In terms of what can develop my learning further I learnt from P9 Career Planning that there are still so many more workshops and events that I can go to which can continue to learn and develop. I will keep posted by visiting My Advantage. I am also subscribed to the newsletter which brings me updates every month or so; that will be a great way to keep in the loop. As for who can help I have the e-mails of some of the tutors whose workshops I attended and discussed different things with him and intend to keep in touch with. As well as the tutors a lot of my friends in university are good to talk to on these matters; not only do they provide a fresh perspective to things but they’re more heavily involved with things than I am, so they’ll be able to give me some ideas and some of their initiative will rub off on me.

What might hinder my progress?

I’ve got a few possibilities:

  • Myself losing motivation
  • My academics which will be really busy next year as its third year
  • Applying for graduate jobs and internships

I think I can make some progress towards all three by simply planning ahead which will make me less tempted to just drop stuff. As for the first point I don’t think that I would lose the motivation especially if I was involved in a society because there would be that feeling of responsibility that I need to do well and I would be enjoying it if I had chosen something I liked that is.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the experience and seen the change. I’m really excited to see what will happen next year and also even in this summer. Talking and explaining about my motivation to apply to certain internships will no longer feel like a chore and I have come to understand more about myself; what I’m good at bad at, my personality, my preferences, my skill set and many other things. All of which are very important things in today’s world.

Harun Ahasan

January 31, 2012

P1 Final Entry

After attending the workshop and reflecting on my activities it comes time for me to write my final entry showing how I have worked on my action plan and how I intend to invest in myself in the future

1. Use exercises in the workshop to prepare myself for interview competency questions

I have recently been applying to a few different for internships. I have used the reflective learning bookmark. I take past experiences analyse them, think about what I learnt and then think of whether it was for me. Then according to this I write what I got out of the experience on my application when I've decided that it is a match with what theyre looking for. However, I also mention what I am planning or have reently taken up to demonstrate my dedication to self imporvement.

I also break down my skills into subcategories: intellectual, social, communication, career, technical etc in order to present myself as a well rounded individual. I cant remember whether we did this in the workshop but i've found it to be a very useful technique as it fits like a jigsaw when filling in the applications.

2. Going to try to be more well rounded

This was importnant for me in terms of my career and for my own well being. Companies want people who can demonstrate a want to improve themselves. That means playing on your strengths and working on your weaknesses. One area where I am slightly lacking is my mastery of languages. As one of my career ambitions is to work abroad I need to get things into gear. So I've taken up an online German course in order to do that. As well as this Ive also taken some basic lessons in Arabic which I plan on continue in the summer upon arrival of more free time.

I'm also intending to apply for a position on the exectutive of a Warwick society which runs a large annual event on campus during the term. This will be a great oppurtunity for me to get more involved, put to use all of my skills and imporve upon them. As well as this it shows my leadership capabilities and stand me in good stead for my career path.

3. Being hounest with myself working to my steengths and working on weaknesses

In the spirit of this action point I'm going to come clean and say that its very hard for me to think of something to say that doesnt look exactly what i wrote for the second point. However, I can say that I am being more hounest with myself becuase wiht my recent applications I have to put up the best picture of myself WITHOUT lying about my capabilities. That includes how proficient I am in my languages or whether i actually read the economist etc.

Aside from this I am planning and will continue to invest in myself and my image in the future by getting involved with some new activities. Among these I am planning to continue my Arabic lessons and also want to find time to begin Spanish. I intend to look for work experience over in Gemrany as that would enable me to continue learning the language and prevent stagnation of my memory whilst at the same time gaining valuable work experience. As I mentioned I will try to get more involved in a leadership role within the university by undertaking the management of some sort of a project or event. I think the workshop has been a valuable experience and intend to continue working towards the "Warwick Skills Portfolio Award" for my own personal development. One workshop in particular is "An Introduction to Emotional intelligence".

January 26, 2012

P1 Reflective Entry

Having come close to the time to write my final blog I feel overwhelmed by the amount that I have to say.

However, I can distill it into the following paragraph

I have expanded my own skill set and capabilities by exxpanding on what I do. Ive sacrificed time spent

listening to music and general nothingness to keeping active attending talks and events revolving around

what I want to get up to in the future. I'm trying to improve my general image by acquiring more skills.

Ive taken up German and am going to continue working towards the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award.

Im also keeping a record of my career activities as I go along. Hopefully it will give me some help in the future

when it comes to applications and career motivation

Tutor: Han na Cha

January 11, 2012

P1 Reflective Entry

After another 3 weeks of applications for internships I have effectively done some of those exercises i did in the workshop to give me some ideas of how I can respond to the questions in the application. I still effectively demonstate points 1 and 3 in my action plan. However, I have to say that I have not in any way done anything new recently or participated in new activities. In some ways I believe its becuase I concentrate all my efforts in one area. I think thats something that I should consider and possibly attend the workshop for organsing yourself and your time. Apart from this I think Im releatively on track for the Warwick Portfolio Skills award and am looking to do some of the more varied aspects in the programme

Harun Ahasan

Tutor: Han Na Cha

P1 Reflective Entry

I have tried my best to implement my action plan from my first blog. I have recently started the 1st point as the time for internship deadlines is closer on the horizon. The 3rd point is the one ive taken most to heart; i try to be more hounest with my performances and to get a certain midset, that th8is is my life and i need to monitor my own performance and make my own changes; not rely on others to make the decision for me

Tutor: Han Na Cha

November 10, 2011

P1 Action plan

The P1 session gave me a more comprehensive look at my skill set and gave me the resources to be able to

understand the learning type I am. Apart from this I thoroughly enjoyed the excercises; I felt them to have

a meaning which was to help me find myself and I genuinely feel I did. What I find might not have been to my liking

but to know was the important thing as I can then work to better myself. My action plan after attending this

workshop is to:

1. Go through similair excercises when applying for internships so that prepares me for the types of questions I'm

going be asked.

2. I wont be so hasty to jump to conclusions about myself and am gonna try and be more well rounded;approaching new things every so often but not overdosing.

3. In general be happy with what I am; as well as working on my weaknesses being hounest with myself and using my strengths well.

Tutor: Han Na Cha

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