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April 04, 2012

A1 Final Entry

It has come time for my final entry. I believe that I have been effective in implementing my action plan in the following ways:

1. The implementation of the Cornell system has gone really well (genuinely). I think its a really useful revision technique especially with material that I have where you have solid blocks of text. It also helps with my economics modules where a lot of text has to be read for a more in depth knowledge of the subject and topic area. I even managed to extend it to some other modules I'm taking most noticabely statistics which was really helpful as it enabled me to create a set of notes which is more effective for revison; i can higlight my cues in this case steps ina  proof or refering back to some previous theorem. This all makes things a lot smoother. 

2. This has some overlap with the P7 workshop but applied to note making. As I go along anything I cant understand or something I'm unsure of I can then go back to and check what I slipped up on or read in more detail using internet or other resources. I also use it for other things at home and work etc. Its a great way to keep on top of those little things you didnt originally think of and you get randomly remided of.

3. I eventually did come up with something I used the different colours of the stickies for techniques or definitions theorems etc. That makes a quickfire revision technique when I come back to look over close to the exam so my brain quickly associates a certain technique in a topic for example. My brains going to do that of course so I cant say for sure Ill remeber it .

For future improvement I believe I'm going to continue to use the Cornell system but integrate it more. Come next year I'll write the notes of the boards straight into that format so come the beginning of revision time i've already got something effective to refresh my memory. Ill continue with the practice of point 2 as well becuase apart from the ususal things I organize i dont have the time to be getting involved so its easy to make a note and come abck later.

Tutor: Han Na Cha

April 03, 2012

A1 Reflective Entry

Hi due to the short period of time in which there is left to write my reflective entry. 

With regard to both of the first two points I am continuing as usual. I have now found 

an alternative way for the second by prioritising the things that I need to do and putting 

the urgent things into my phone calendar so that I can get alerts about what I need to 

do on that particular day that can't wait.

As for the third point I've found the sticky notes particularly useful when a certain technique 

or rule comes up. I can then use shorthand and use different colours depending on what it is 

that is being investigated so when I comes to questions I know that this is what is being used 

here and what's going on here etc.

Tutor: Han Na Cha

March 31, 2012

A1 Reflective Entry

Hi I've been kind of busy with revision and so have not really done the reflective entries yet. I think I have made significant progress however. As the final entry is due very soon I'm going to have to write the reflective entries very close together.

For my 1st action point Ive been really active I went further than using it in social sciences subject such as economics and used the system for my statistics as well which I found particularly useful as it allows me to easily make sense of a large chunk of text. This is especially true when your notes are all off the board in lectures and you dont really have time to structure the material.

With regard to 2nd action point I think this has been the most useful of all because anything Urgent or important task that I need done I can quickly take note of and have their next to me. THis overlaps with the P7 workshop, and I believe that it makes me more tme efficient.

The thrid point i still need to find some outlet to do. Will write again in 2 days. Hope this is good enough.

Tutor: Han Na Cha

March 16, 2012

A1 Action Plan

After attending the session on reading and note taking I feel significantly motivated on certain aspects of the way in which I go about these activities and I'm going to act on that by formulating a plan and seeing how that goes for next few weeks.

1. During my revision in subjects requiring a lot of note taking eg economics i'm going to use Cornell system as I found it particularly beneficialespecially when i'm working at my own pace.

2. During these periods of study I'm going to keep a seperate rough sheet of paper down next to me to write notes telling me how i can organize as I go along or something i'm having particular problems with.

3. I'm going to use to maximum affect the sticky notes given to me. Although i think I'm going to have to buy a bigger pad as theyre fairly small and cool with the tissue box and everything. However, they will be used to mark out the points of importance in notes (eg proofs that could come up in exam). Ill come up with some other things probably.

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