January 31, 2012

P9 Action Plan

After attending the workshop for career planning I have created my three point action plan on how I intend to use the information given to me to improve upon myself, that is as follows:

1. I'm going to critically analyze my skill set and match it to what employers are looking for in their job descritptions when it comes to applying for internships and grad jobs in the future.

2. The workshop brought to attention my disparity in commercial awareness skills. So I need to work on that. I reckon reading a broader range of materials will help. The Gateway is distributed regularly. i think Ill give it a read next time I see it.

3. Also I've noticed that my skill set is heaily dependant on work that I do. I tend to pick up less knowledge and other useful stuff when it comes to socialising. I dont think its becuase of lack of interest; maybe its just the topics I discuss when I'm with friends. I guess that I should possibly attend more socials by the Warwick Finance society for instance to discuss whats going on. Also it might improve other skills such as Commercial Awareness

Tutor: Siobhan Qadir

P1 Final Entry

After attending the workshop and reflecting on my activities it comes time for me to write my final entry showing how I have worked on my action plan and how I intend to invest in myself in the future

1. Use exercises in the workshop to prepare myself for interview competency questions

I have recently been applying to a few different for internships. I have used the reflective learning bookmark. I take past experiences analyse them, think about what I learnt and then think of whether it was for me. Then according to this I write what I got out of the experience on my application when I've decided that it is a match with what theyre looking for. However, I also mention what I am planning or have reently taken up to demonstrate my dedication to self imporvement.

I also break down my skills into subcategories: intellectual, social, communication, career, technical etc in order to present myself as a well rounded individual. I cant remember whether we did this in the workshop but i've found it to be a very useful technique as it fits like a jigsaw when filling in the applications.

2. Going to try to be more well rounded

This was importnant for me in terms of my career and for my own well being. Companies want people who can demonstrate a want to improve themselves. That means playing on your strengths and working on your weaknesses. One area where I am slightly lacking is my mastery of languages. As one of my career ambitions is to work abroad I need to get things into gear. So I've taken up an online German course in order to do that. As well as this Ive also taken some basic lessons in Arabic which I plan on continue in the summer upon arrival of more free time.

I'm also intending to apply for a position on the exectutive of a Warwick society which runs a large annual event on campus during the term. This will be a great oppurtunity for me to get more involved, put to use all of my skills and imporve upon them. As well as this it shows my leadership capabilities and stand me in good stead for my career path.

3. Being hounest with myself working to my steengths and working on weaknesses

In the spirit of this action point I'm going to come clean and say that its very hard for me to think of something to say that doesnt look exactly what i wrote for the second point. However, I can say that I am being more hounest with myself becuase wiht my recent applications I have to put up the best picture of myself WITHOUT lying about my capabilities. That includes how proficient I am in my languages or whether i actually read the economist etc.

Aside from this I am planning and will continue to invest in myself and my image in the future by getting involved with some new activities. Among these I am planning to continue my Arabic lessons and also want to find time to begin Spanish. I intend to look for work experience over in Gemrany as that would enable me to continue learning the language and prevent stagnation of my memory whilst at the same time gaining valuable work experience. As I mentioned I will try to get more involved in a leadership role within the university by undertaking the management of some sort of a project or event. I think the workshop has been a valuable experience and intend to continue working towards the "Warwick Skills Portfolio Award" for my own personal development. One workshop in particular is "An Introduction to Emotional intelligence".

January 26, 2012

P1 Reflective Entry

Having come close to the time to write my final blog I feel overwhelmed by the amount that I have to say.

However, I can distill it into the following paragraph

I have expanded my own skill set and capabilities by exxpanding on what I do. Ive sacrificed time spent

listening to music and general nothingness to keeping active attending talks and events revolving around

what I want to get up to in the future. I'm trying to improve my general image by acquiring more skills.

Ive taken up German and am going to continue working towards the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award.

Im also keeping a record of my career activities as I go along. Hopefully it will give me some help in the future

when it comes to applications and career motivation

Tutor: Han na Cha

January 11, 2012

A2 Final Entry

Looking back till the time of taking the workshops I can say with confidence that I have fulfilled my action plan and continue to work on it to this day through more interesting emans of reading fiance magazines like the economist which are an entertaining and engaging read. I am more aware of things in the wider world and its issues. More improtantly for me I can understand the sort of way poeple who work in financial companies speak and jargon (courtesy of The Gateway paper). So even though the workshop itself was not particualrly helpful it gave me something else to think about and continue to work on in the future.

Harun Ahasan

Tutor: Amanda Randall

A2 Reflective Entry

Looking back over the 4 weeks of attending the A2 Workshop I believe that although most of the content covered was not of much use to me I have still been able to take something out of the experience and to work on my weaknesses. Now with internship applicatiohns drawing near I have increasingly taken to reading materials related to that world of work and therefore to my own studies. This has expanded my vocabulary and made me aware of the language used in those institutions. So in essence I should have ahad a one point action plan in which I just read magazines and newspapers about finance and other related issues on economy etc.

Tutor: Amanda Randall

A2 Reflective Entry

After attending the workshop A2 Academic writing for science and engineering students I have realized that my actiopn plan is quite ineffective in that learing more vocabulary isnt really something that is a response to that workshop; its a more general objective. In terms of learning more about vocabulary used in academia I think that there should be an objective within that; which is simply to do more research on certain terms and definitions because with practice your usage of the different languages of science will increase and youll be able to use them more effectively ultimately benefitting you in your studies. The 1st point of my action plan has failed quite miserably although I have been reading magazines relating to issues i study so I guess that hads helped with the second poiont and also with the first as they are both inexpressably linked.

Tutor: Amanda Randall

A2 Action Plan

After attending the workshop A2 academic writing for engineering and science students. My action plan is as follows:

1. To improve the quality of my vocabulary

2. To distinguish between academic vocabulary and that suited for everyday purposes

I have noticed that my vocabulary is sadly lacking despite me being able to understand most of the words. Also I need to understand ina deeper context the text used in books for my courses becuase in academia words can oftenhave different meanings than the ones used in everyday life.

Tutor: Amanda Randall

P1 Reflective Entry

After another 3 weeks of applications for internships I have effectively done some of those exercises i did in the workshop to give me some ideas of how I can respond to the questions in the application. I still effectively demonstate points 1 and 3 in my action plan. However, I have to say that I have not in any way done anything new recently or participated in new activities. In some ways I believe its becuase I concentrate all my efforts in one area. I think thats something that I should consider and possibly attend the workshop for organsing yourself and your time. Apart from this I think Im releatively on track for the Warwick Portfolio Skills award and am looking to do some of the more varied aspects in the programme

Harun Ahasan

Tutor: Han Na Cha

P1 Reflective Entry

I have tried my best to implement my action plan from my first blog. I have recently started the 1st point as the time for internship deadlines is closer on the horizon. The 3rd point is the one ive taken most to heart; i try to be more hounest with my performances and to get a certain midset, that th8is is my life and i need to monitor my own performance and make my own changes; not rely on others to make the decision for me

Tutor: Han Na Cha

P2 final entry

This will be my final blog entry for the Warwick Portfoli Skills award workshop P2 Becoming more Assertive.

I have now failed and suceeded to continue practicing the falling head level intonation especially when occupied with academic matters but have increasingly given it more thought with interviews and other job applucations getting closer. My body language has improved steadily though as I have forsaken the habit of crossing hands in front of me except on soem very stressful occasions. I address people clearly and maintain eye contact so as not to make anyone think im not interested in what theyre saying. Overall I think this has been one of the best workshops and I am definitely going to continue administering the lessons I learnt in those three hours.

Tutor: Bev Walshe

P2 reflective entry

Looking back i have realized the value of body language when it comes to communication. There have been cases when I have seen the effects by changing my body posture and intonation on purpose to get a response and others where i dont do anything and i still get people to think of me in a certain way. I am trying to get in regular practice for interviews for internship applications in order to present a proffesional image; although I have not done any practice at all. So hopefully the career oppurtunities from the interviews should give me some motivation to continue practcing.

Tutor: Bev Walshe

November 10, 2011

P1 Action plan

The P1 session gave me a more comprehensive look at my skill set and gave me the resources to be able to

understand the learning type I am. Apart from this I thoroughly enjoyed the excercises; I felt them to have

a meaning which was to help me find myself and I genuinely feel I did. What I find might not have been to my liking

but to know was the important thing as I can then work to better myself. My action plan after attending this

workshop is to:

1. Go through similair excercises when applying for internships so that prepares me for the types of questions I'm

going be asked.

2. I wont be so hasty to jump to conclusions about myself and am gonna try and be more well rounded;approaching new things every so often but not overdosing.

3. In general be happy with what I am; as well as working on my weaknesses being hounest with myself and using my strengths well.

Tutor: Han Na Cha

November 02, 2011

P2 Reflective Entry

Looking back I believe I have been enable to enact my action plan. Although I havent been able to preventmyself from making gestures such as stretching due to tiredness out of habit. Despite this I try to engage with others by trying to keep the right body posture most importantly and the falling tail intonation pattern has been practiced to some effect; although I believe much more practice is required before actual progress is made.

Tutor: Bev Walshe

October 26, 2011

Action plan

After having attended the workshop entitled P2 Becoming more assertive I have come up with a four point action plan for the coming four weeks so as to act on what I have experienced and ascertaned during the workshop. Those points are as follows:

1. To remain in eye contact with a person for the entirety of our conversation at least once in any conversation with anyone during the day.

2. To always refrain from using closed gestures and keep my natural posture which was discussed during the workshop.

3. Practice the level head falling tail intonation pattern with peers and experiment to see the effects and try to improve my ability to use it effectively.

In general I thoguht I came out of the workshop with a lot more than expected and would recommend more people do this whilst they have the chance. I learned what it truly means to be assertive and the stereotypes that are associated with it which I shall try my best not to confse from now on

Tutor: Bev Walshe

Date: 19-10-11

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