February 22, 2012

P9 Final Entry

Having completed the workshop and commented on my progress I have come to the end and my final entry.

I have addressed all three action plans to some degree; I'm not gonna lie and say I'm now perfectly aware of what I want to do and that its the most amzing thing but I have addressed my career through the lense of my current skills and what my aspirations are.

1. I have gone back over myself and what skill set i posess. Where it comes from (work, study, social). I still found a lesser achievement in social. As well as that I found that what I looked for from my career was a stable high wage job (theyre hard to come by the way, ive got my work cut out), satisfaction, sense of belonging (at a company level and in my team), oppurtinities abroad et.

2. I've broadened my repertoire of knowledge of commercial awareness by picking up the Financial Times and on occasion The Economist because I find them to be different views on similair topics but they allow me to see things better and so I know another perspective

3. Also as i said in 1 I found my achievement in social was somewhat lacking still. I went to netwrok with Bloomberg employees at the SU atrium about 2 days and found it very beneficial. It gave me an insight to culture of company and skills they look for; basically working on what I was bad at.

In terms of impprovement for 3. I intend to continue attending more networking sessions thus improving on my attainment of skills through socialising. For 2 Ive basically explained. However, I think come October (hopefully if im still here) I'll subscribe to The Financial TImes who have good offers for Economics students which I can also receive; especially as I will require that knowledge when applying to internships.

Tutor: Siobhan Qadir

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  1. Siobhan

    So perhaps the social dimension of your development needs to be looked at – what clubs and societies are you part of?
    May be look at a range of websites economist, bbc, financial times etc
    Networking was great idea and the more info you can gather on the sector the better – look at case studies , there are some good ones on www.prospects.ac.uk

    Is this your third or fourth blog?

    29 Feb 2012, 16:46

  2. Hi

    Yes this is my last comment!! I believe that I addressed as many things
    as I could in my last entry. As for your comments on them I have given
    them serious thought. I continue to look through news media everyday.
    I actually was using those same websites before I read your comment.
    I’ve also attended 5 workshops the last one is next week and hopefully
    ill be awarded the Portfolio Award if I submit a good enough entry! Seeing
    as this comment is like an extension of my final entry I might as well add
    some future objectives;
    1. I’ve decided that I’m going to apply for Warwick India forum exec because
    I was helping a friend who was marketing for them and she recommends I try
    for it. It would look particularly good on my CV and give me lots of experience.
    The Vice Chancellor of the university begins the forum as well so it sounds
    like something with “prestige”
    2. Going to join a 5 a side football team in the uni league next year. It will show that
    I’ve got team spirit; especially if we do well (fingers crossed) be because I’‘m kind of
    lacking when it comes to team skills
    3. I’m also going to quickly drop by Warwick Volunteers at start of next year (assuming
    I pass :( and ask what opportunities they’ve got! That’s especially a good time as first term I need to get something under my belt for applications to internships.

    That’s all I’ve come up with. I think my head will be clearer when June comes.
    Then I’ll sit down and make a plan and account for some time in the future
    where I’ll repeat the exercise so I don’t lose track of my goals!!

    01 Mar 2012, 02:13

  3. I might also quickly add that is addresses some of your other questions. I have in fact created a linkden profile and am beginning to use it to build my network already. I also have downloaded apps on my smartphone which allow me to keep aware of my career goals. For example I’ve downloaded an app called “James Caans Business Secrets” which is something that for me has always been wanting to do and will continue to think about. I’ve also downloaded an app called Bloomberg Radio.
    So everyday in the morning I listen to what’s been going on in the business world. I believe this will be really beneficial in the future as that will give me a significant level of commercial awareness as these things stick in your head!

    Tutor: Siobhan Qadir

    14 Mar 2012, 02:58

  4. Siobhan Qadir

    Hi Harun
    If you think it would help to have a 1 – 2 -1 meeting we can look to walk you through and direct your ideas and plot out your next steps. I think the steps you have planned out are good. Lets take them one by one join Warwick India forum is great its networking and it is developing you and your skill set. Yes it is something that gives value and prestige but not without the ability to reflect and re-tell your story to an employer. Think they are going to want to look beyond the tag and be told how you developed through your involvement. 5 a-side is goo its good for you and your team skills and think what you mean about lack ing in team skills – is it the communication or the understanding of the team dynamic? Warwick volunteers are there all year round and it can be worth looking at what might be happening now that you can get involved in maybe over the summer break? Like I said there are other things you can do and other sessions to attend so keep checking My Advantage – you can contact me direct on s.qadir@warwick.ac.uk

    Good luck


    11 Apr 2012, 16:13

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