March 27, 2012

P7 Final Entry

It has now come the time for my final entry related to the P7 Organising yourself and your time workshop. With respect to my first action point I think I have succeeded and have noticed in a significant improvement in my organisation and how much work I get done. I found that it also greatly helped as my day would just go by the plan; obviously there are occasions when it doesn't. However, the general improvement is a nice thing to have. As for the second point since making my plan I've found that I am a lot more motivated and have some direction. I don't always have that naggig feeling saying that I hadn't done something or that I should be doing something else. Quite a few goals have already been achieved including almost completing the Portfolio award. As for point 3 I believe that it has been fairly effective before I used to be able to while away 3 hours ago. However, even then I am able to find outlets. I need to find out what is URGENT and what is IMPORTANT!! In terms of improvement I have come up with some ideas to take my action plan further into the future; I don't want this to be a one of experience. For the first action point I've decided that when I make my to do list I'm going to prioritise the task as urgent, important or not urgent, not important so that I know whether I can delay or delegate them to someone else. This should free up about an hour for me to get other stuff done. For the second point I'm simply going to do the same thing during other times of the year more likely after exams, beginning of next year and after January exams. Finally for the third point apart from carrying asking myself whenever I want to have some leisure time I'll switch on the alarm on my phone to make sure that I don't take precious time away. I personally think that's a bit crazy but I can't think of a more sensible way of stopping myself. Overall I think that the workshop was a success for me and with my continuos improvement goals I believe I stand myself well to get as much out of every single free moment and figure out how to free up more of my time so I can do that same thing.

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  1. Beverley Maynard

    Hi Harun

    You have done really well in identifying time management techniques that have worked for you. As you have noted, for example, a to-do-list works better if you learn to prioritise and specify what is urgent and important. I am so glad that the workshop has been a success for you and hope that you will continue to improve your time management skills.



    18 Apr 2012, 18:40

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